Everest 2021 New Release: Short Rubber Watch Straps

Everest 2021 New Release: Short Rubber Watch Straps

3 rubber watch straps on rolex watches

An Everest New Release: Short Rubber Watch Straps

We are thrilled to share Everest Band’s Newest Release: Swiss-Made Watch Bands for your Rolex watches now available in a shorter size.

Almost all standard rubber watch straps in existence are made to fit an “average” wrist, which measures somewhere around 7-7.25 inches in diameter. Strap companies like to choose a one size fits all approach, frankly because it’s easier for them. At Everest we have never taken the easy route. We aren’t interested in easy--we are interested in perfection. Creating the perfect watch band for each iteration of a Rolex, Tudor, or Panerai case means that meticulous, minute details matter to us. 

But even more so than perfection, we value our customers, and that means ALL of our customers. We know that approximately 50% of watch enthusiasts have wrists that are smaller than the average 7 inches, and we listened when you asked us for smaller, more size-inclusive straps. Our customers have repeatedly asked for a tang buckle strap to be offered in a smaller size, with less tongue and a more tailored fit.

If you are someone who struggles with finding a strap that fits, or someone who struggles with having too much tongue showing on their watch strap, we’ve got the solution for you! Everest watch bands will now be released in the standard size and a new smaller size starting with our three favorite and most popular colors: black, blue and orange. Which one will you choose?

Everest Short Watch Straps: Wrist Size Data

wrist size chart

According to research by @theslenderwrist, after polling nearly 2000 people, the average wrist size was 7.25 inches, leaving approximately 50% of watch owners measuring smaller than that size. Could a person with smaller wrists make one of our standard straps work for them? Absolutely, and many have. But now you don’t have to simply make it work--you can have it *exactly* the right size for you.  A super scientific poll done by our writers on Instagram revealed very similar data:

wrist size poll showing majority of people have smaller than average wrists

Everest Short Watch Straps: Size-Inclusivity Matters

At Everest we want everyone to be included, and seeing that 52% of people had smaller than “average” wrists made us passionate about creating a more size inclusive line of straps. We want to make straps that everyone can enjoy and wear comfortably.

rolex submariner on black rubber strap for small wrists

Just to be clear: Everest Bands currently offers two different rubber watch strap options: a tang buckle rubber strap and a “deployant” rubber strap for use of your Rolex deployant clasp. The deployant clasp option is naturally size-inclusive as you pick the exact size (based on bracelet links). 

But before today, the standard tang buckle version only came in one size. Now it comes in regular and short!

Everest Short Watch Straps: The Details

Everest Short Strap Comparison Sizing

The standard tang buckle watch band measures: From the spring bar hole to the end of the strap: 120mm on the 6 o’clock and 80mm on the 12 o’clock side. 

The newly released, smaller Swiss-made Short Everest watch band measures: From the spring bar hole to the end of the strap: 110.0 mm on the 6 o’clock side and 70mm on the 12 o’clock side.

Another minor change of the new shorter strap: the angle in which the strap comes off the watch has been modified to better fit shorter wrists. This specific proprietary angle truly makes a big difference for small wrists. We pride ourselves in creating the most comfortable, highest-rated, and best-fitting straps on the market.

9 holes on an Everest Band rubber strap for your Rolex

Whether you choose the short option or the standard option, the Everest rubber watch band has nine sizing holds, so you can adjust the fit quickly and conveniently to perfect wrap around your wrist.

submariner rubber strap in black rubber

Everest Short Watch Straps: Available Colors

As we mentioned above, the shorter Everest watch band will be first offered in black, blue and orange, the #watchfam’s top picks. Black is a favorite for its classy versatility. Blue is a go-to for many people’s favorite color. It too is fashionably versatile, but most people love the color blue for what it reminds us of - blue skies, a clear blue ocean. Its many shades simply glimmer and can’t stop us from thinking of happy days. And, the final favorite is orange. Orange is most correlated with sport activities like diving. An orange rubber watch band on a Rolex Submariner Ceramic is a classic. 

orange rubber strap on a rolex watch

One of the reasons why we chose to release a shorter version of Everest Band’s most popular strap is inclusivity.  But, the biggest reason is you asked for it! We do our best at Everest Bands to listen to the watch community and develop the highest watch bands and watch accessories with our team of watch enthusiasts and Swiss manufacturers. 

So if you’ve ever felt there was too much tongue showing or the fit wasn’t quite right, opt for our newly released, Swiss-made Everest rubber watch band now available in a shorter size. Our newer shorter strap options are available for almost all Rolex models including (but not limited to) the Rolex Submariner, Daytona, GMT Master, Yacht-Master, Explorer I and Explorer II (previous generations), and the Rolex Sea-Dweller. Only the best for the best! Shop our Instagram page for inspiration for your next, new custom look!

Everest Short Watch Straps: Sizing Guide

How will you know which size is right for you? We offer two fool-proof methods for finding exactly the right size rubber watch strap for your wrist.

Video One: How To Use Our At-Home Printable Wrist-Size Measuring Tool

Video Two: How to Measure Your Wrist Using Common Household Items

Everest Short Watch Straps 

We couldn't be more excited for this new release of shorter rubber straps. We cannot wait to see all the wrist shots and hear the reviews from customers. To those who have felt underrepresented in the watch world, we got your back. Welcome to the Everest Club.

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