3 Great YouTubers who Love Watches

3 Great YouTubers who Love Watches

With the advent of speedier and speedier internet on our phones and mobile devices, YouTube has become a resource for all of us to learn about products, teach ourselves on “how to’s,” and some of us have even become internet famous. The watch world has formed its own group of YouTubers that have become resources for us to learn, discuss and enjoy timepiece content. Let Everest take a minute and go over a few that have caught our eye when it comes to spreading the good word about watch collecting and have an enthusiastic following on the ‘Tube.

First up is a newer face to the YouTube phenomenon, Jenni Elle. Jenni is a German woman who has a passion for watches and it looks like Rolex is one of her favorites. She covers everything from reviewing Seikos to Pateks and everything in between. I have to say that her personality and voice makes her videos really shine. She is honest but also has this very direct opinion about purchasing watches and the watches she reviews. Here are some fun videos she did recently:

Next up is Teddy Baldassarre, who brings his unique personality and style to the watch world through his video content. Teddy has dug into the world of watches with somewhat of a more journalistic style. He reviewed the MVMT watch brand - which was frankly awesome. He discussed their production and sourcing, their design and their quite charismatic leader, Jake Kassan. This type of insight is usually left out of the watch publications that are out there today. 

Another YouTube personality that comes to mind for Everest is JustBlueFish. The owner of this account, Guy, truly takes the time to be honest and informative about his reviews of watches. For one, he has led the YouTube community in trying to be open and honest about his reviews of watches and watch related content. He clarifies where he got the watch, how it was given to him and that a lot of his content is supported by watch brands. However, he does not pull punches, and if you send him a watch, expect it to be reviewed honestly.

Now that we have taken the time to give you a few examples of great YouTubers, enjoy! We all need an escape from reality, and frankly, an hour on the ‘Tube wont hurt anyone. So, pop a caplet of Nespresso, snag a cookie from the cupboard, and enjoy some free watch reviews from some of the best on the web. 

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