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So you want to buy a Rolex while traveling to Switzerland? If so, there is only one location to do so - the Bucherer Jewelry store in Lucerne. If you want a selection that is unparalleled when it comes to Rolex, Tudor, Audemars, etc., then Bucherer in general is your best option. 

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I have a few stories that may surprise you about the famed Swiss jeweler. My favorite to tell is how I bought my first luxury sports watch, a Tudor Sport (Ref: 20200) back in 2007 with my then fiancé. I had just sold my first business and had always wanted to purchase a Tudor watch. I knew very little about the brand other than its connection to Rolex.

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At the time, my future wife and I were on a vacation in Geneva and had actually just gotten engaged. So, I wanted a little gift to consummate the fact that I had just been engaged and had a bit of a payday. Bucherer was ready to help with my every material want when it came to watches.

The selection was incredible. And frankly, if I knew what I know now I would have bought ten Rolex GMTs, but who knew they would grow in incredible value since 2007?!

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They had every watch that was on the market at their fingertips. I was shown every variation of Rolex sports model and Tudor sports model, settling on the Tudor Sport. I loved the fact that the price of a Tudor watch was far less than a Rolex. At the time, it was about $1500.00 for the watch I purchased compared to a Rolex Submariner that was around $5000.00. Also, back in 2007, the brand was really not known in the watch world and frankly was forgotten. I like the allure of having something that was really only available in Switzerland and not the US. 

I remember walking the streets of Geneva with my future wife on my arm and a new timepiece that I was fascinated with. Bucherer had me at hello, or should I say Bonjour!


What you should know is that Bucherer may have a significantly better selection than your local Rolex Boutique or Authorized Dealer, but be prepared to be disappointed if you are looking for a Daytona or Submariner. The sports models are simply not available to the “non-locals” which is what you and I are called. However, if you are a Swiss resident, then you are in luck. The waiting list is pretty reasonable. 

The wait time at all Rolex dealers for these timepieces is quite long, and if you want one, sometimes the wait time can be measured in years. My suggestion is that it is best to break out your credit card and buy something other than a Rolex at your local Rolex AD.

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Rolex dealers do not make as much on a watch as they do a set of earrings or a diamond ring. In turn, they are catering their watches to clients who buy more than just a Daytona. This may seem frustrating, but that is how the system works. The good news is that if you want a Datejust, Skydweller, Air-King or an Oyster Perpetual - then Bucherer would be my choice if you are in Switzerland. These watches can be found much easier here than anywhere, especially the Datejust 41. datejust 41

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