Did you Ever Wonder Why Jeans Have Those Tiny Pockets?

Did you Ever Wonder Why Jeans Have Those Tiny Pockets?

Have you ever wondered what that little pocket above the larger pocket, on the right side of your jeans is for? Are you wondering why we are talking about denim jeans in a watch blog? Hold tight, we will get there but first, a brief history lesson. 

In May of 1873 Levi Strauss created the first pair of blue jeans. Although denim material for workwear had been around for years before, what was different about Levis were the metal rivets that were put at points of strain. These jeans with metal rivets quickly took off for mens workwear, and today jeans are still the most popular clothing item. So, where do the pockets come into play? As you watch enthusiasts know, before wrist watches were invented, pocket watches were the way to tell time. This little pocket was designed to hold your pocket watch! While men worked they could easily pull out their watch to tell the time from this little pocket and know that it was safe rather than just dangling. 

Fun Fact: During World War II Levis briefly removed the metal rivets on the watch pocket to save metal that was needed for the war. 

Now that we know what these pockets were for, let's take a look at a couple vintage Rolex Pocket watches. 

Ref Number 1955593:

pocket watch in jeans small pocket

Image Source

This pocket watch was produced by Rolex in the 1920s. It has a white porcelain and black roman numeral dial. The case is English gold filled. The case is 50mm and has a round case back. The Porcelain dial paired with the gold case on this pocket watch is stunning. 

Rolex Celini Ref. 3717

pocket watch small watch in jeans
Image Source

This Rolex Cellini Pocket watch was produced in the 1980s. The case is Yellow gold with a white dial and black Roman numerals. The case size is 35mm. This is a manual winding movement with a 1601 caliber. 

Rolex Vintage Military Pocket watch

small pocket watch in jeans

This Military Pocket watch was produced in 1939. This is a very cool find. It has a steel case that is 50mm. This Pocket watch is 14mm thick. It is Manual winding with a black dial. I can only imagine what this watch has been through!

Nowadays, the little pocket on your jeans is not used or is not there at all, due to pocket watches being a thing of the past. Now you can sleep easy knowing there was a reason for that pocket! 

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