Customize Your Rolex for Summer Adventures with Swiss-Made Rubber Bands

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Like many Rolex enthusiasts, we think that the world’s greatest timepiece should be worn and not just admired. At Everest Bands, we’ve created a unique new way for you to wear your Rolex all the time, whether you’re heading out on a maritime adventure or barbecuing in the backyard. 

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The solution is our unique Swiss-made rubber watch band, crafted with precision to match your model. Each and every Everest Band is made to the exacting standards of the Rolex wearer in the same location that the best watches in the world are made. No compromises.

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We dreamed up this revolutionary new Rolex replacement band with two primary goals in mind: to maintain the intended design of the Rolex and to improve performance for the wearer. Traditionally, Rolex bracelets are made with 18-karat gold or steel alloys. While they are beautiful, there are a wide range of aftermarket straps available for different lifestyles.

Rolex enthusiasts will appreciate the Everest alternative; our Swiss-made rubber bands are resistant to water, stretching, staining, and dirt. You can showcase your best timepieces year-round with an Everest band. They’re perfect for boating, diving, swimming, and sports activities.

With their undeniably exquisite finishes and time-honored components, the focal point of the Rolex is its face. We make our Rolex bands to put the watch’s most striking features front-and-center without taking away from the precise design that’s always makes this brand so desirable.

Showcasing your Rolex watch is our priority, and we do it with cutting-edge materials that allow you to modify your model, regardless of your adventure. Just like your precious timepieces, Everest Bands are made in Switzerland with incomparable quality and design.

The Rubber Watch Band that Silences the Competition

  • Tailor-Made — Our rugged rubber Rolex watch bands are specially designed for a range of Rolex models. Each one is built to perfectly hug the case of your timepiece while seamlessly integrating with the Rolex Deployment clasp. Shop bands for Submariner, Daytona, Yacht-Master, GMT, Sea-Dweller and more.
  • Time-Honored — We use Swiss vulcanized rubber that is exceptionally durable. Each band is resistant to dirt, dust, chemicals, excessive temperatures, staining, stretching and even water. The water-resistant design makes these Rolex replacement bands especially well-suited for summertime adventures. They’re all backed by a one-year limited warranty to protect your purchase.
  • Tastefully Crafted— Made with hand-finished rubber, Everest Bands are perfect for the wearer who loves the soft luxury of leather but needs something that endures at the same time. Four gorgeous colors are available, all of which are designed to complement the unique range of styles offered by Rolex.
  • Tailored to You — Every watch band from Everest Bands is built to provide the perfect blend of comfort, style and performance. The soft rubber is engineered for an enjoyable fit and a comfortable feel for all-day wear, and each one is equipped with several sizing holes to ensure that it fits you like a glove.

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Beyond Good Looks

Besides the fact that they’re made to complement your individual sense of style, Everest Bands are also technically engineered for next-level performance. In order to preserve the essence of the timepiece, we’ve crafted straps that hug the case perfectly with a seamless connection that highlights the distinctive face of a Rolex watch.

The robust, engineered case connection was inspired by Rolex’s focus on creating a seamless design in every aspect of the watch. Despite all of these features, Everest watch bands are simple to install and can be done by you or your jeweler in minutes.

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For an even better design, we finish our bands with a permanent, hardened insert for additional strength. The result is a gap-free band to honor the Rolex’s impeccably clean design.

Additionally, the band is resistant to jarring. Our rubber straps come with two buckle options: Tang and Deployant. The Tang style has nine sizing holes to fit any wrist. Deployant styles are made to incorporate with Rolex’s factory clasps, so they’re a good pick for those who want to maintain the original equipment manufacturer, also referred to the OEM, look of the watch. Deployment straps have six size combinations for the perfect fit on any wrist size.

Ready to experience the Everest Bands difference? Check out our watch band collections online or visit us in-store at a retailer near you.

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