Comprehensive Guide to Tudor Sizes: Dimensions of Every Model

Comprehensive Guide to Tudor Sizes: Dimensions of Every Model

Following our recent guide to Rolex sizes, we thought it would be useful to compile a similar one for Tudor watches. Like Rolex, Tudor has been busy adding new sizes to its various collections in recent years. Some models have welcomed smaller iterations while others have added a few millimeters here and there. 

As we’ve said before, understanding the case size and lug width of a watch is important when choosing a strap or bracelet to pair it with. So let’s get into it; here is our handy guide to Tudor sizes, outlining all the case diameters and lug widths of popular modern models. 

Tudor Black Bay Size

Tudor Black Bay

The Black Bay is Tudor’s flagship dive watch collection. It was an immediate success upon its debut in 2012 (then called the Heritage Black Bay) thanks to its blend of vintage styling and modern execution. While it was originally available only in stainless steel, the collection has since expanded to include two-tone steel and gold versions, as well as a ceramic model too. The first generation ran on an ETA-based movement while the current versions are powered by in-house movements. At Watches and Wonders 2023, Tudor added the new Black Bay ref. 7941A1A0RU with a burgundy bezel, a slimmer case, the choice of a new five-link bracelet, and a METAS-certified movement (MT5602-U).

- References: 7941A1A0RU, 79230, 79210, 79733

- Case size: 41mm 

- Thickness: 13.6mm (ref. 7941A1A0RU) or 14.5mm (ref. 79230 and 79210) or 15mm (79733)

- Lug to lug: 49mm (ref. 7941A1A0RU) or 50mm (other references)

- Lug width: 22mm

Tudor Black Bay 58 Size

Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue

Introduced in 2018 and styled after the vintage Tudor Submariner ref. 7924, the Tudor Black Bay 58 is a more compact alternative to the original Heritage BB diving watch. Not only is its case size 2mm smaller but it’s also slimmer. Tudor currently offers the Black Bay Fifty-Eight in a multitude of metals including steel, bronze, 18k yellow gold, and 925 silver. 

- References: 79030, 79010, 79018, 79012

- Case size: 39mm

- Thickness: 11.8mm

- Lug to lug: 47.8mm

- Lug width: 20mm

Tudor Black Bay 54 Size

Tudor Black Bay 54

The newest (and smallest) Tudor diving watch joined the lineup in 2023 in the form of the Black Bay 54. Inspired by the vintage Tudor ref. 7922 from 1954, the Black Bay 54 sports a 37mm case and is currently available in stainless steel with a black dial and bezel. Tudor does offer the choice between a three-link bracelet or a black rubber strap, and we expect other colorways to be added in the near future. 

- Reference: 79000

- Case size: 37mm

- Thickness: 11.5mm

- Lug to lug: 45.8mm

- Lug width: 20mm

Tudor Black Bay Bronze Size

Tudor Black Bay Bronze

In 2016, Tudor unveiled the Black Bay Bronze dive watch, which not only introduced a new material to the line but a much bigger case size too. The earlier versions were furnished with brown dials and bezels while the current ones house slate grey dials and bezels. 

- Reference: 79250

- Case size: 43mm

- Thickness: 14.5mm

- Lug to lug: 52.7mm

- Lug width: 23mm

Tudor Black Bay GMT Size

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Aside from diving watches, the Black Bay collection is also home to a range of complications including the Black Bay GMT, which was released in 2018 and a new opaline dial joined the collection in 2023. The steel versions are fitted with blue and red “Pepsi” bezels while the two-tone steel and gold versions are furnished with black and brown “Root Beer” bezels. 

- References: 79830, 79833 

- Case size: 41mm

- Thickness: 15mm

- Lug to lug: 50mm 

- Lug width: 22mm

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Size

Tudor Black Bay Chrono in Black and White

In 2021, Tudor relaunched the Black Bay Chrono with redesigned slimmer cases and new dials. The first two versions of the relaunched BB Chronos were fashioned in steel and offered the choice of a black dial with silver subdials or a white “Panda” dial with black subdials. The following year, Tudor expanded the range to include two-tone steel and gold Black Bay Chrono S&G models. 

- References: 79360, 79363

- Case size: 41mm

- Thickness: 14.5mm

- Lug to lug: 50mm

- Lug width: 22mm

Tudor Black Bay Pro Size

Tudor Black Bay Pro on various straps

Launched in 2022, the Black Bay Pro is quite similar in style to the vintage Rolex Explorer II 1655. The Tudor Black Bay Pro sports a steel case, fixed 24-hour bezel, bright orange GMT hand, and a matte black dial. 

- Reference: 79470

- Case size: 39mm

- Thickness: 14.6mm

- Lug to lug: 47.2mm

- Lug width: 20mm

Tudor Black Bay P01 Size

Tudor Black Bay P01

Inspired by a 1960s prototype for the U.S. Navy, the Black Bay Pro is, by many accounts, the most unusual model in the line. It features a locking mechanism to secure the 12-hour bezel to avoid it being accidentally knocked out of place. 

- Reference: 70150

- Case size: 42mm

- Thickness: 14.4mm

- Lug to lug: 55.7mm

- Lug width: 20mm

Tudor Black Bay 31/36/39/41 Sizes

Tudor Black Bay 31/36/39/41

Tudor also makes simpler Black Bay models with smooth bezels and time-only dials, available in steel or two-tone steel and gold. In 2023, Tudor updated the entire range with in-house-made movements and five-link bracelets with T-fit rapid-adjustment clasps. 

Tudor Black Bay 41

- Reference: 79680, 79683

- Case size: 41mm

- Thickness: 12.3mm

- Lug to lug: 50.2mm

- Lug width: 22mm

Tudor Black Bay 39

- Reference: 79660, 79663

- Case size: 39mm

- Thickness: 12.1mm

- Lug to lug: 47.3mm

- Lug width: 21mm

Tudor Black Bay 36

- Reference: 79640, 79643

- Case size: 36mm

- Thickness: 10.5mm

- Lug to lug: 43.9mm

- Lug width: 19mm 

Tudor Black Bay 31

- Reference: 79600, 79603

- Case size: 31mm

- Thickness: 9.6mm

- Lug to lug: 37.8mm

- Lug with: 17mm

Tudor Pelagos Size

Tudor Pelagos in Blue

While the Black Bay is Tudor’s vintage-inspired diving collection, the Pelagos is the brand’s ultra-modern diver line – also introduced in 2012. The Pelagos is crafted from lightweight titanium, features a helium escape valve, is water-resistant to 500 meters, and includes a date window on the dial. The first generation Pelagos was equipped with an outsourced movement whereas the newest versions run on an in-house caliber. Aside from the option of black or blue, Tudor also makes an LHD version where the crown is placed on the left. 

- References: 25600, 25610

- Case size: 42mm

- Thickness: 14.3mm

- Lug to lug: 50mm

- Lug width: 22mm

Tudor Pelagos FXD Size

Tudor Pelagos FXD

In 2021, Tudor released the Pelagos FXD, design for (and with input from) the French Navy, a.k.a. Marine Nationale. Adhering to the specs required by the Marine Nationale, the Pelagos FXD differs from the original Pelagos in several ways including fix lugs, which is where FXD is derived from. There’s also a full graduated countdown bezel that’s bi-directional and no date window on the dial. What’s more, unlike the original Pelagos, the Pelagos FXD does not include a helium escape valve and its water resistance is rated to 200m. In 2023, two Pelagos FXD watches for the Alinghi x Redbull sailing team were released – one time-only and one chronograph – both featuring black carbon composite cases (instead of titanium.) Finally, later in the year, a Pelagos FXD for the US Navy made its debut, again with a titanium case but this time with a more traditional unidirectional elapsed-time dive bezel. 

- References: 25707B, 25707KN, 25717N

- Case size: 42mm

- Thickness: 12.75mm

- Lug to lug: 52mm

- Lug width: 22mm

Pelagos FXD Chronograph

- Reference: 25807KN

- Case size: 43mm

- Thickness: 13.6mm

- Lug to lug: 52mm

- Lug width: 22mm

Tudor Pelagos 39 Size

Tudor Pelagos 39

In 2022, Tudor announced the Pelagos 39 as a more compact alternative to the original 42mm Pelagos. Along with the smaller case size, the Pelagos 39 also does away with the date window and the helium escape valve. The titanium watch is water resistant to 200 meters. 

- Reference: 25407

- Case size: 39mm

- Thickness: 11.8mm 

- Lug to lug: 47mm

- Lug width: 21mm

Tudor Ranger Size

Tudor Ranger on Various Straps

In 2022, Tudor presented a brand new Ranger model to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition. Compared to the Heritage Ranger (released in 2014 and discontinued in 2020), the new Tudor Ranger is smaller, runs on an in-house movement, and really leans into its vintage vibe. 

- Reference: 79950

- Case: 39mm

- Thickness: 12mm

- Lug to lug: 47mm

- Lug width: 20mm

Case Sizes and Straps

Tudor Black Bay, Black Bay 58, and Black Bay 54 side by side

That wraps up our comprehensive guide to Tudor case sizes and lug widths. As always, we like to mention that while these measurements are certainly important when buying a new watch strap, other considerations like lug shape and case thickness will also have an impact on the fit. So, if you have any concerns or questions about selecting the correct strap for a Tudor watch, don’t hesitate to contact our fun and friendly Everest team. 

Do you have a favorite Tudor case size? Do you like that the brand has been offering smaller alternatives in recent years? Drop us a comment below. 

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