Comparison of One of the Most Favored Rolex Watches ever Worn 116610 > 16610

comparison of rolex submariner watches

The (ref)16610  Submariner Date was sadly discontinued in 2010 giving way to the new (ref)116610 model Submariner Date, which is now commonly refered to as the ceramic bezel Submariner.  The new Rolex Submariner incorporates the new ceramic bezel, extremely scratch resistant – Rolex does not claim to be completely scratch proof , which unfortunately cannot be said for its predecessor the 16610 aluminum bezel. I did notice almost immediately the difference of the new glidelock clasp being a great deal easier to make a quick size adjustment without having to break fingernails or micro screw drivers. It will save you from having to make a trip to your jeweler as well – its just that easy and still looks great even more of a solid look by remaining that typical Rolex glidelock appearance but a smoother brush finish. 

The new Sub ceramic appears to have the larger case – at least optically (appears) to be. How ever in reality it is the same case size – they both are 40mm, but the new model has some distinguishing but not so obvious features. One for instance, is the new crown guard- I’m not sure of the actual measurement because I didn’t take the time to actually measure it- but it is noticeably larger when compared to the old model when compared side by side. Again it gives an optical look of a larger case because of being nearly twice the crown guard size to the old.

What I did measure was the case difference from the old Submariner (ref)16610 of 24mm to the new Sub 116610 of 27mm at the lugs. This is what really gives a larger look when worn. Clearly, Rolex has taken the time to make  a tremendous – be it ever so subtle but significant – change in outer lug dimension (inside still measures 20mm). So, when it’s on your wrist, the case does look larger. Some may differ. Another comparison on the new 116610 Submariner is the Lume. I was satisfied with the old, but make no mistake, there is a difference. Rolex made some additional changes to what I perceive as a more bluish than the previous greenish lume. Rolex refers to the new lume as (chroma-light). Again, when compared in the dark with the older model 16610 there is a noticeable improvement . Seems a bit easier on the eyes, provides a much faster eye relief of reading the time. I’m certain this has to be a major benefit to people who do actually scuba dive and are in deeper, darker water, which could prove to be invaluable.

Rolex Submariner

The links on the new 116610 bracelet are nicely done. Why? They are solid! Beautiful heavy, solid 904L links instead of the old hollow configuration. You will be impressed by the links alone. It truly makes for a more substantial feel of a Rolex Submariner on your wrist. There is a weight difference. But the real benefit will probably come in the years to follow by not having the typical bracelet link stretch issue that’s so common a trait after years of wear.

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