Color Theory Pt. 1: How To Gift The Candy-Colored 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetuals

new rolex oyster perpetuals

The myriad of dial colors available on the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual line were a bit of a surprise in 2020. For a company that makes design changes slowly and deliberately, Rolex delighted collectors with the rainbow pops of color in the 2020 OP line. In a world rocked by a global pandemic, and -- let’s not forget-- murder hornets, these playful Oyster Perpetuals gave us something to look forward to for the holidays. 

Now the holidays are here! If you’re thinking about purchasing a 2020 Oyster Perpetual, it’s worth thinking about how to present it to the recipient. A luxury watch is an heirloom to treasure forever, but it’s small enough that the wow factor can be a little lost. To prevent this, package your gift  in a memorable way. One way to do this is to pair the watch with several other color-coordinated gifts for an unforgettable impact. With the candy-colored 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetual line, this kind of creative gift giving is cinch. First we’ll cover pink, red, and turquoise. Tune in Friday for dark blue, yellow, pearl, and black! 


The pink hue on the new 2020 Oyster Perpetual is a cross between millennial pink and a more pastel tint. It looks fantastic against  a white gold case and bracelet. To accompany it, we’ve picked a trio of luxury gifts that will make the wearer so delighted, they might even blush with happiness. See what we did there? 

rolex oyster perpetuals
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starbucks rolex color

Start with a bag of pink Starbursts in the stocking to hint at what’s to come. 

pajamas to match your new rolex oyster perpetual

Pajamas for the holidays are a classic gift, but these extra-luxurious Eberjay pair with black piping brings elegance to any early morning. 

new rolex oyster perpetuals

We know what you’re thinking. A pink beret? Hear us out. This 100% wool beret actually has some practical value, since the fabric will keep your head warm and repel water. With its European styling, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a French heavy wool peacoat and a new Swiss Rolex OP. 


Is it red? Is it orange? The shade-shifting powers of this dial color mean that it can be paired with a few gifts from across the red color spectrum for a full-impact presentation. Combining it with a dozen roses is a no-brainer, but if you really want to ramp up the horsepower of your gifts, a Porsche 911 in Lava Orange is the perfect hue to compliment the new OP dial color.  (Plus, who says you can’t borrow the car when you’re out running errands.)

new rolex oyster perpetuals
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new rolex oyster perpetuals

Instagram influencers and celebs adore La Fleur bouquets for roses that last year-round.   

new rolex oyster perpetuals

Hard not to love the 911, especially in a color that matches your OP. There is no substitute, indeed. 


It’s probably no accident that Rolex’s blue Oyster Perpetual dial hue is so close to Tiffany blue. Maybe it’s just serendipity. Regardless of intention, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love their Rolex OP paired with a second gift from the beloved jewelry. A diamond solitaire necklace, diamond studs, or a pave tennis bracelet are all perfect complements. Or, to really hit home with the color theme, peruse Tiffany & Company’s website for so many different offerings in its signature blue color. We suggest a calfskin leather catchall tray to hold her new OP, or a set of two color-blocked mugs with an exclusive Tiffany Tea black tea blend. 

new rolex oyster perpetuals tiffany blue
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new rolex oyster perpetuals tiffany blue

Tea for two! What better way to flash your turquoise blue OP than while delicately pouring hot water over Tiffany & Co.’s proprietary tea blend? 

new rolex oyster perpetuals accessories

Watch rolls and watch pouches are such an important way to keep your watch looking its best. For an open-air take on timepiece storage, try Tiffany’s leather catchall tray.


If the lucky recipient owns several watches, an Everest Bands watch roll or watch pouch offers a luxurious way to display their collection. Our leather and rubber watch bands are a wonderful stocking stuffer for the watch collector in your life. (Or, buy one as a gift to yourself for getting through 2020. We won’t tell!)   

Written by Meghan Clarrk

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