Buy This Watch And Get A Free Car!

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So goes the joke. Actually, the car – a modern-day Shelby Cobra 289 – goes for around $300,000. Only fifteen were made. And as part of the package deal, fifteen unique matching Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra chronographs were produced to accompany the cars.

baume & mercier watch

This deal is an extension of last year’s promotion, a celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Shelby Cobra 427. Baume & Mercier is, after all, the Celebration Brand. Two watches were produced for last year’s anniversary. And besides the edition of fifteen, two more watches with a larger limited edition have been produced for this year, this time celebrating the Cobra 289.

shelby cobraShelby Cobra 289

But enough about 50 year old cars.

The watches! The Capeland series represents a great tribute to chronographs of the Golden Age of sports car racing, while bringing updates from the New Millenium to the line. With the current limited release, the 44mm diameter plays perfectly with the domed crystal, big crown, and pump pushers. This year’s watches use the color yellow to contrast perfectly with the black of the strap and dial.

It’s a sweet deal all around – whether you break the piggy bank and cough up the $300k for the car/watch combo, or merely the $4,450 for the look-alike Capeland.

baume and mercier watch

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