Best Watch Accessories For Men

Best Watch Accessories For Men


rolex watch on a rubber strap

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“Men are so hard to buy for” is a common phrase we hear especially around the holidays. Is it because men just don’t know what they want, or is it because men do know what they want, and they just buy it for themselves? Either way, the phrase “men are hard to buy for” remains true. Whether you are the man we speak of, or you are the one buying for the man we speak of, we feel your pain….but luckily we do have solutions.

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Truth bomb: All men love watches, they just do. It’s a built-in fascination with all things mechanical. Some men prefer fancy or exotic watches, while others want a basic utility watch or an apple watch on the wrist. There are gold watches, plastic watches, diamond-encrusted watches, steel watches, and heck, even wooden watches. The watch market is saturated and offers a huge variety of timepieces to suit every style and every budget. However, the watch accessory market is a different story. There are very very few high quality watch accessories available for men, and that is where Everest comes in.

Everest is a company comprised of watch lovers and watch collectors. Our founders are supreme watch enthusiasts who discovered after years of purchasing junk on Amazon, that there was literally nothing available in terms of high end watch accessories. Everest made it their mission to create the best watch accessories for men, and they truly knocked it out of the park. Let’s take a look at a few of the best sellers:

1. Everest Watch Roll

everest watch roll in heritage brown

The Everest watch roll comes in several colors ranging from deep browns to navy blue and a vibrant crown green reminiscent of the signature color of Rolex.

Why it’s worth the price tag: The leather is the finest cut of full-grain Italian Nappa leather, the stitching is done by hand as is the French painted edge, and the interior is a buttery soft microfiber which protects watches from scratches and damage. The compressible pillows and sliding rail system are truly one of a kind. The compressible pillows fit watches of all sizes and the rails allow each watch to be removed separately from the roll. 

everest watch roll interior sliding rail systems

If you look closely at other rolls out there you will see the material is often cheap, a plastic or vinyl exterior, or a very thin cut of leather. You will see the inside has snaps, logs, or other features that can damage a watch. It’ll be hard to tell from online photos, but when you buy a low quality roll you’ll discover that the microfiber interior in feels very rough and thin, unlike Everest’s which is thick and extremely soft. On other rolls you will see stitching that is done by a machine instead of by hand.  Everest uses Swiss Manufacturers which insist on only the highest level of finishing. It’s all in the details and when you look closely it’s easy to see why the Everest watch rolls are worth the price.

everest watch roll in crown green

Everest watch rolls come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-slot to 4-slots, with even more varieties coming in stock very soon!

everest leather watch roll for one watch in heritage brown

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2. Everest Watch Pouch in Leather

everest watch pouch in brown

This is absolutely one of the most popular watch accessories offered by Everest. The full grain Nappa leather watch pouch, especially in the crown green color is simply stunning and a perfect high end travel or storage accessory for any watch lover. The inside is fully lined with a soft microfiber material and the exterior snap closure keeps watches safe and secure. 

everest leather watch pouch in crown green color with a rolex watch on topThe size is perfect, the color is idyllic, and the level of luxury is high. Interestingly people often buy two watch pouches at the same time, which we assume means one is a gift and one is for themselves. Other colors include navy blue and a deep chocolate brown.

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3. Everest Watch Tool Kit

everest tool kit being used to change out a watch strap easily

The Everest Tool Kit is the perfect accessory for the man who likes DIY, or the man who just loves tools and gadgets (which, not to generalize, but this applies to many many men). The Premier Oyster Tool kit comes with a spring bar tool and a tiny screwdriver which makes removing a watch bracelet an easy task, and putting on a new strap, a breeze.

everest tool kit next to a leather watch roll with rolex daytona watches inside

The watch tool kits are available in premier size and travel size, and are customized to be used with either watches on Oyster bracelets or Jubilee bracelets. If an even cooler watch toolkit is needed, the Everest Swiss Made Bergeon 7825 Tweezer Kit is the absolute best of the best. It makes changing a strap a one-step, damage-free, and super easy task.

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4. Ballistic Nylon Watch Pouch

everest  ballistic nylon watch pouch

One of Everest’s newest items, this watch pouch was designed for the rugged or outdoorsy person who lives an active lifestyle. Customers who purchase this pouch pouch love the ability to just toss it in the gym bag, or attach it to their gear at the shooting range or on a climb. It’s highly effective, intentionally designed, and you don’t have to worry about scratching the pouch or keeping it looking nice because it's extremely durable.

3 watch pouches, one microfiber, one leather, and one ballistic nylon

Ballistic nylon is some of the most sturdy and durable material in existence, not to mention it’s also totally waterproof. Keep your watch safe and secure without all the fuss.

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5. The Everest Watch Box

everest luxury watch box

The absolute cream of the crop, the Everest Watch Box is the ultimate watch accessory for men (or women). Every detail was meticulously scrutinized, from the incredibly luxurious wood finish and beveled corners, to the buttery soft interior fabric, and the compressible pillows made to fit watches of all sizes.

everest watch box interior

The push button sides offer a very high-end feel and totally satisfying ASMR click upon closing. The Everest Watch Box for 4 watches is the hottest seller this season and the ultimate watch accessory for men. 

everest watch box

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Everest is big on social interaction and super active in the watch world. We love hearing from our customers and fellow watch enthusiasts. So, what's a watch accessory you'd love to see? Shoot us a comment below and we might just be inspired to produce it! 


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