Bamford Watch Department – Rolex Heritage Dial Submariner – Aqua


Bamford Watch Department – Rolex Heritage Dial Submariner – Aqua

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Many have said that they love the strap modifications that Everest offers. Each of our straps easily changes the look and feel of a Rolex watch instantly. One particular company, Bamford Watch Department takes their ideas to a whole new level. Most recently, the Rolex “Heritage Dial” Submariner in Aqua has given us a new watch to ogle and desire. This timepiece is a combination of creative changes from the design experts at BWD, particularly the dial of this watch.

This design was inspired by the 1950’s prototype Submariner. The dial had little to no press since it was never produced, but it intrigued George Bamford so much he knew that his latest Submariner creation must used this style of dial. The dial is breathtaking and makes this watch look absolutely unique. One particular color always finds its way into each Bamford design – Aqua Blue. This signature color is beautifully used on the dial, hands, and print of the date wheel.

Here is an excerpt from Bamford Watch Department’s site:

The Classic Heritage Dial Submariner is available in four exclusive runs of eight pieces, in four colour variations that are as unique as the watch itself: a Ferrari-inspired red and the Bamford Watch Department’s signature Aqua Blue, Viper Green and Ghost White. Prices start from £11,500. Orders are already being taken at the time of writing – reserve now in order to secure your timepiece.

You can purchase this watch at:—Aqua

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