Are you switching up your watch looks for fall?

Are you switching up your watch looks for fall?

It’s the final days of August and it’s about that time of year when one starts thinking ahead to one’s fall wardrobe, perhaps the best time of year for clothes. Think sweaters and jeans and a pumpkin latte, all the stereotypical fall weather items are a pleasure to rotate in. Around this time I also think about the pleasure of a good leather watch strap.

Of course our Everest straps are first on our mind and we’re really proud of how they look as if they came with the watch because of the way our straps fit precisely to the shape of your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai watch case. Leather simply works well with the whole fall look. And just as import, leather offers a tactile feel that is a nice contrast to rubber, nylon or steel, the choices associated with the hotter months of the year.

One of my all time favorite looks is to swap out a potentially too-loose hollow endlink Jubilee on an older Datejust with one of our leather straps. It’s a huge upgrade on how that incredible looking watch feels on the wrist. The smooth brown leather is my choice for a versatile look that is very suited for client meetings as well as a lunch date. In either scenario, your wrist game will stand out from the crowd without calling for attention.

Photo from Rolex Forums

We also like to put a black leather alligator strap on the classic Submariner no-date. The version that goes especially well with the modern Sub is our steel endlink version to accentuate the bigger case shape. The texture of the alligator leather softens up the look of the purpose-built dive watch, also getting you noticed without a lot of fuss. It takes a personality that chooses his or her own way of doing things to bring out the best of this look.

Don’t worry about the watch forum chatter about no leather straps on dive watches. We’ve seen divers rated to go below 1,000 meters look really cool on a worn leather strap. And that’s another thing about leather straps is that no other material will start to cater to the nuances of the wearer’s wrist shape over time.

Photo by Todd Snyder

Equally important to nailing the leather-on-Rolex look is the right piece of outerwear. Fall jackets are a pleasure to wear and on the higher end, very few materials match the feel of suede. Todd Snyder’s Dylan suede jacket is a luxe product ($998) that truly elevates even the most basic outfits.

Photo by Sky

On the other end of the budget spectrum, an equally handsome jacket is the classic Levis Type III Trucker jacket. We even like to check Levis’ preworn shop for great prices on denim jackets that have already been broken in.

Photo by Barbour

The Everest team is also big fans of the versatile vest. When we travel to Europe, we’ll call them gillets, just because it sounds a lot fancier than calling it a vest and evokes a stylish Italian guy. Barbour, the master of inclement weather gear, offers a quilted version we wear a lot until the temperature truly dips.

What are some of your favorite fall pieces? Do you wear your dive watch on leather? Weigh in on Instagram or the comments below.

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