Analyzing Rolex's "New Watches 2024", Shot by Shot

Analyzing Rolex's

Rolex just released its first teaser video leading up to Watches and Wonders 2024. In a series of artfully-concealed cinematic renders, Rolex drops clues about their upcoming releases. If history repeats itself, we’ll see a second teaser video in the coming days, but for now, let’s catch up on what we just saw. And of course, we have to go shot by shot. 

Everose President – Oscars or Enamel Day-Date?

Everose President New Rolex 2024

Based on the all-Everose President bracelet, we can surmise that this is one of three watches: a 31mm Datejust, a newly-sized precious metal Datejust, or a Day-Date. Based in part on the final shot of this video (spoiler alert), I believe we’re looking at a 40mm Day-Date here. This could very well be the slate-gray Everose Day-Date we saw Rolex recently introduce at the Oscars. However, I’d love it to see this configuration with a new dial color (perhaps a few in enamel).

Ice Blue Guilloche Perpetual 1908 – Platinum?

Ice Blue Guilloche Dial 1908 Rolex New 2024

Based on the shape and finish of the visible hand, applied arabic numeral to the right, and ornate guilloche dial, I think it’s safe to say that we’re getting a new Perpetual 1908 this year. The ice blue hue of the dial indicates that the case will likely be platinum. We haven’t seen similar guilloche on a Rolex since years-discontinued-Cellini models. I can’t wait to see this one in person; it looks absolutely stunning. 

Steel GMT-Master – Coke?

Steel GMT New Rolex 2024

Unless Rolex is channeling their inner-Seiko with a Jubilee diver, we’re looking at steel GMT-Master II here. Of course, the big question mark lies in its unshown bezel insert. It could be a red-and-black ‘Coke’, a black-and-gray ‘Bruce Wayne’, RHD green-and-black ‘Sprite’, or something all-new for that matter. While the colorway is unknown, I’m confident that we’re getting a new steel GMT-Master II in a few days. (And I hope it’s the ‘Coke’).

Oysterflex Bracelet – First Ever on Steel?

Oysterflex Bracelet on Steel New Rolex 2024

I’m reading a lot of hopeful speculation that this could be the first-ever steel Rolex on an Oysterflex bracelet, but in reality, it’s yet another visual that could indicate any number of releases. This could be a steel Submariner on Oysterflex, and could just as well be a white gold clasp on any other model. It’s safe (and somewhat boring) to say that we’re getting something new on Oysterflex at Watches and Wonders this year.

Yellow Gold Sports Model – Hulk Submariner? Sapphire Caseback?

Yellow Gold Submariner New Rolex 2024

This shot of a yellow gold sports model is getting the most buzz. It’s unlikely to be a GMT-Master II after last year’s yellow gold GRNR. I’m not alone in thinking that the watch pictured is probably a new gold Submariner. Better yet, it could be an anniversary Submariner.

While 2024 doesn’t align with the anniversary previously celebrated by Rolex (1953), it is the 70th anniversary of the Submariner’s release at Basel Watch Fair (1954). What difference does it make? Well, we already have two yellow gold Submariners in the all-black config and all-blue ‘Bluesy’. If 2024 receives the anniversary nod, we could finally see the yellow gold 'Hulk’ we’ve been predicting. This would be a bombshell of a release.

Whatever this watch is, the caseback looks funky. I‘m of the believe that this is an exhibition caseback exhibiting a bit of glare. Keeping in mind that this is just a render, the caseback’s coloration looks much more like light reflecting off of glass than light reflecting off of brushed yellow gold. Of course, this is just pixel-peeping speculation; we’ll see what this watch is in a matter of hours.

New Yellow Gold Sky-Dweller?

Yellow Gold Sky-Dweller New Rolex 2024

Here we have a cyclops window (just barely visible), fluted bezel, twinlock unguarded crown, and full yellow gold construction. This could be the side profile of a Day-Date, a maybe-slimmed-down Sky-Dweller, or a new size of the yellow gold Datejust (it doesn’t match the proportions of the existing 31mm). If it’s a refreshed yellow gold Sky-Dweller, I hope to see a new dial variation offered. It’s currently only available in black, white, or gold: three solid options, but there’s plenty of room to spice things up. While I‘m hoping, I also hope to see a smaller option for the Sky-Dweller, maybe 39mm. Whenever the movement receives a significant overhaul, it might be time to introduce some size optionality.

All-New Rose Gold Datejust?

New Rose Gold Datejust Rolex 2024
Pictured is a full-Everose watch with no crown guards on a Jubilee bracelet. If I’m not mistaken, the only all-Everose Jubilee in Rolex’s current collection comes on the 28mm Lady Datejust. People are speculating that the watch at hand is an Everose Datejust. That’s certainly possible, and given the apparent proportions, perhaps likely, but again, it could be anything. If I’ve learned one thing from Rolex’s Watches and Wonders releases, it’s to not be shocked when you end up shocked.

Diamond Bezel Datejust or Day-Date

Diamond Bezel Day-Date Datejust New Rolex 2024

The penultimate shot pictures a diamond bezel on what appears to be a rose gold Datejust or Day-Date. This could be a gem-set option for the aforementioned (and perhaps nonexistent) Everose Datejust or Rose Gold Day-Date. 

Everose President Again

Rose Gold Day-Date President Rolex 2024

I'm assuming this watch is the same one from the first shot, and while it could be something entirely different, my analysis will effectively stay the same. This looks like an Everose Day-Date in 36mm or more likely 40mm. It could just be the recently-released slate gray Day-Date, but it could also feature a colorful enamel dial as ostensibly teased by last year’s puzzle dial. 

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