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Hager Commando

This week we’re talking about Hagar Watches. They’re a Maryland based boutique watch company with a distinctly military tool watch vibe. The stated goal for the company is creating watches of the highest possible quality why keeping prices affordable.

To that end, their all-mechanical timepieces sell for between $450 and $800, with the limited edition Skymaster chronograph coming in at $3250 to $3525 depending on steel or DLC finish.

So let’s explore the brand a bit.

hager watches

Hager has four main watch lines – the Commando Professional, the GMT Traveler, the Flieger, and the afore-mentioned Skymaster. All are tool watches, three of the four are most certainly military inspired.

The GMT Traveler is the least military of the four. It’s more for travelers needing a second time zone (and third if you know how to use the watch for that purpose). But the watch is water resistant to 200 meters, so in addition to time zone hopping, it’s a great vacation watch if you’re heading to the beach.

But a better choice for you divers might be the Commando Professional. Also rated to 200M, it’s an everything you need, nothing you don’t kind of watch. It’ll serve as a desk diver, but its real home is in the drink. And depending on your needs and tastes, you can choose between the steel version and the DLC coated version.

Then there’s the Flieger, a 42mm homage to the old observations watches of the German Luftwaffe. This one features a bead-blasted case so no errant reflections alert the enemy that you’re swooping down. This is a major looker, with its huge onion crown and thin bezel emphasizing the twin hour and minute chapter rings on the dial. It’s my personal opinion that this watch would beat all the others in an EDC/ pocket dump competition.

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Hager Flieger

Finally, there’s the 500 piece limited edition Skymaster chronograph. The Skymaster was inspired by the A-12 Oxcart high altitude reconnaissance aircraft that was the forerunner to the SR-71 Blackbird. Available with either steel finish or DLC, and with a count-up or count-down 12 hour bezel insert, this one’s available for only a limited time, and may be sold out by the time you read this (sorry guys..).

Hager Watches… an American brand rooted in a military vibe.

(all images, credit: Hager Watches)

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