Aftermarket Parts vs. OEM for Rolex watches

Aftermarket Parts vs. OEM for Rolex watches

Watch writer James Stacey put an inexpensive Hadley Roma Jubilee-style bracelet on his Rolex polar-dial Explorer II and showed the result on Instagram. Of course the feedback ranged from praise to criticism, with the naysayers sticking to their guns on the fact that they would never put parts on a Rolex watch that aren’t an original part from Rolex.

Photo by Millenary Watches (not James Stacey's watch)

We here at Everest Bands are decidedly in the camp that aftermarket parts can be incredible on any watch, Rolex or non-Rolex. Our company is in the business of selling add-on components not manufactured by Rolex so take our opinion with a grain of salt.

Here are our top reasons to try aftermarket products for your Rolex, Tudor and Panerai watches:

  1. Spice it up: Trying something new in life leads to discoveries. Not every restaurant you’ll try you’re going to fall in love with, but you’ll never find those handful of restaurants that you love and go back to if you never roll the dice. We’ve tested our curved-end rubber and leather straps to meet our high standards and think you will enjoy our straps. We’re also supportive of our competition because we believe a healthy aftermarket industry is good for us all. Try something new. If you don’t like it, you’ll gain from the experience of trying.
  2. You aren’t a bracelet kind of person: Some of us simply prefer straps whether it’s because of the fit you can achieve or because some prefer a softer material against the wrist. Rolex watches generally come on great bracelets, but some of us will get more enjoyment out of our watches on straps, so it’s worth a try.
  3. Rubber is very good for active pursuits: At the end of the day, we created rubber straps to function well and look good. Our natural rubber straps shed water and are very secure for times when you want to take your watches out for kayaking or just rough housing. Some people love the comfort and looks of our rubber straps so much they won’t go back to any other alternatives. These people stay ready for action! We are also fans of NATO-style straps too if you need a strap that is more pliable and rugged when compared to a metal bracelet.
  4. Maybe a different style bracelet is good for you: No one says you need to stick with your OEM Rolex bracelet unless you have decided that keeping everything original is simply how you like things. But just like Stacey did with his choice of Jubilee on a watch that comes with an Oyster-style bracelet, it really is more than OK to stray from your original bracelet. It’s your watch so do what you want with it has always been our motto. Customize it. Get it engraved. Wear it however you like.
  5. Be different: Sometimes it’s just good to stand out in a crowd. Having something that doesn’t fit the norm can be a conversation starter or simply make a quiet impression in someone’s mind. Don’t be a slave to convention. The best style is your personal style.

So here are our five reasons to go for an aftermarket product on your Rolex watch. Where do you stand? We love all opinions, so comment below or chime in on social media.

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