A Watch Collector’s Solution: The Everest Watch Portfolio

everest watch portfolio

Everest has gone beyond its inventive watch roll in releasing a one of a kind, all you need watch portfolio. We’re going to take a closer look at the quality of the material, the design and ultimately why the Everest watch portfolio is the perfect component for every watch aficionado’s collection.

Taking a closer look at the material itself, the exterior material is made out of a naturally tanned calf leather. And with all of Everest’s Swiss-Made products, as Manuel P. notes, the material is “Best Quality!” The interior material is a soft suede-like material which provides maximum protection against scratches. 

The Everest watch portfolio contains multiple components. It features a zippered pocket on the outside of the case. This is perfect to store warranty information cards or one of Everest’s watch cleaning cloths or extra spring bars (you can find our guide to what spring bars you need for your specific watch model here). 

the everest watch portfolio

Two snaps open up the first side which offers a nice area to place your watch, bracelet, watch band and watch tools while you swap out your watch bracelet for an Everest watch band. The soft interior material offers a safe haven to customize your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai watch.

the everest watch portfolio

As you move to the middle section of the trifolded watch portfolio, you will find three removable watch pouches are large enough to fit your watch on a watch band and a watch bracelet. The fact that the watch pouches are removable are perfect for when you want to sport a Rolex Submariner on your Everest rubber watch band for the office. But, when it's time for a quick cocktail hour with your pals after work, you can switch out to your Rolex GMT Master BLNR on a Rolex leather watch band knowing it's been safely protected all day long. The watch pouches themselves include an insert that you can slide between your watch clasp or buckle and your watch caseback to prevent any scratching. 

the everest watch portfolio

The final compartments of the Everest watch portfolio focus on storage for your watch bands and your watch tools. Eight elastic bands create four perfect sections to store watch straps. Similarly, two areas are created for two different watch tools with four elastic straps. 

So, now that we’ve actually taken a look at the components of this uniquely designed watch portfolio, are you still asking yourself why you would need one? Well other than we would know that you would love it as one of our reviewers notes himself “Love it!” (John O.), let’s take a look at some reasons as to why you should add the Everest watch portfolio to your assemblage. 

the everest watch portfolio

There are many ways to store watches - you could go with a single watch pouch for your watch on a bracelet in suede or leather. Or, you opt for the single watch pouch in suede for when your watch is on a watch band here. Or, you can encase them in a watch roll - whether it's a twothree or four watch roll. With the Everest watch portfolio, you can not only just store your watches, but also your watch bands and tools (and with a place to safely change out your watch bands/watch bracelets). Another great feature on the Everest watch portfolio is that it is slim and easy to carry around or travel with.  

But, don’t just listen to our reasons for every watch collector needing a watch portfolio in their collection, check out what others have to say. Wound Up provides a very insightful review of the Everest watch portfolio on YouTube. He notes the high quality but also comments that “it's refreshing to see such a logically laid out thing.” But, if you’d like to see his full and comprehensive review on the one of a kind Everest watch portfolio, you can see it below.

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