A Submariner “Shark” Modification is Pretty Cool

A Submariner “Shark” Modification is Pretty Cool

For hardcore Rolex fans changing anything that’s not as configured by the factory is a strict no-go. After all, if you send your watch into an official Rolex Service Center, the technicians there will replace any non-original parts with parts intended to match the original watch. I get it, a brand has to protect its product integrity. I don’t think Mario Batali would allow modifications to his Bucatini All'Amatriciana.

Well, there’s that point of view and then there’s the Everest Journal point of view. Our company does sell aftermarket straps for Rolex watches. We are all about modifications. Our motto is “Customize Your Rolex.”

So when we see something like the Rolex “Shark” Submariner mod, made famous by vintage expert Eric Ku, we get excited. The official Shark mod is blue ceramic bezel insert from white gold Rolex Submariner reference 116619 and added to a no-date Submariner 114060.

rolex shark

Photo courtesy of Time & Tide

With the 2020 Rolex new model releases, the company now offers a 41mm Submariner Date with a blue bezel and black dial, which is very similar to Ku’s Shark mod but with a date window, and obviously a different case and movement.

rolex shark

Photo courtesy of Rolex Magazine

For most people, the effort to get a steel Submariner with a black dial and blue bezel is just a matter of getting in well with an authorized dealer to get one retail price. 

Ku himself told Time and Tide: “Nah, I don’t often buy the new novelties. Subs, I don’t really buy that often to be honest. I think this one is the most modern Sub I own actually, and I’m pretty happy with (the Shark mod), so I probably won’t get another one.”

But let’s admire the Shark mod and the spirit behind it. Part of the hobby of watch collecting is the hunt and there’s a satisfaction in knowing the right people to get a Rolex part by itself, whether it’s a Glidelock clasp or a spare 69200 Jubilee bracelet. 

Besides, if you want a No-Date Sub with a blue bezel there’s no way to get one without going the mod route. The Submariner (no date) is only available in a black dial with black bezel. So if you want something specific and it makes you happy, go for it! In case you are worried about getting Rolex official servicing, don’t worry about it, especially if your watch is out of warranty. There are plenty of reputable watchmakers who are known to do an even better job than RSC. 

If you want an easy mod to inject some color into your black Ceramic No-Date Submariner, head on over and pick your Curved End Rubber Strap from us at Everest here.

rolex shark

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