A new Tudor Black Bay GMT is right around the corner, right?

A new Tudor Black Bay GMT is right around the corner, right?

One hopeful watch enthusiast’s speculation into what Tudor may come out with next. By: K. Wells

Okay, okay. Do I think it’s pointless to speculate over what big watch brands who may or may not care about what enthusiasts really want, yes! Am I about to do it….heck yes!!!

speculation theory guy


Y’all! Tudor is either dropping some crazy hints on their social media, or they’re the biggest trolls in the watch industry. My gut leans towards the second option, but let’s play fantasy and pretend a little (it’s more fun that way). It all started with a simple post on Tudor’s Instagram account that caused quite the stir recently. For the first time in two years, the brand posted the Black Bay GMT. So what does it mean?

Obviously there MUST be a new Black Bay GMT on the horizon! I mean, think about it. Let’s compile the evidence (of which there really isn’t any but that would make this the shortest opinion piece ever). First, the post. Two years is an incredibly long time to go without an upload of what is surely to be one of their most popular timepieces. Yes, there’s been a bit of scandal over the date wheel and there being some issues with it being stuck. But those mechanical problems seem to have been resolved recently. Second, there’s the new METAS certified technology that is just itching to be expanded through the Tudor collection! Surely Tudor isn’t going to announce such advanced movements just to keep their hands tied. Third, I’m obsessed with finding that perfect GMT and I need to see what Tudor could come up with to scratch this ever growing itch! And lastly (and arguably less selfishly), because that’s just what we #watchfam want which in and of itself should be enough. 

tudor gmt watch on instagram



After Tudor posted this image, people immediately began commenting and speculating as to why Tudor would wait two full years to post this watch again. So, if my speculation is true, what would a new Black Bay GMT look like? 

Personally, I’d love to see a departure from the Pepsi bezel (please don’t come at me too hard guys). I think that for the brand to finally step out from under the label of “Rolex’s little brother”, it needs to get away from things that scream “Rolex”. A uni-clored bezel to match the dial would give this imaginary Tudor a clean, sophisticated, and luxurious look. Ooooh, or while I’m thinking about it, what about a contrasting bezel to the dial. Maybe a black dial and blue bezel? Neutral, but different. Hmmm….

Okay, new dial, new bezel, new movement...what am I missing? Yes, yes. I can hear your screams now yelling “new case size!!!”. While genuinely, I am a fan of the current 41mm case, I understand that it is probably the most hated thing about the current Black Bay GMT. So, for the sake of argument, I will concede to the smaller 39mm size. Man, that was hard to type! I guess secretly I will hope Tudor ignores that statement. 

tudor gmt on wrist


Just imagine if it’s really true! If we’re just around the corner of having a new Black Bay GMT. One day soon, we’re going to wake up, hop on Instagram, and see an amazing new watch that just blows our mind! The crazy part is that it really could happen. With the lack of major watch fairs these days, brands are more often than ever before randomly announcing new products all through the year without warning. Oh and think of all the strap possibilities...and we all know there’s one place to get that most perfect fitting strap (just in case you don’t, click here). 

tudor on blue rubber strap from Everest

So what do we think? Is Tudor teasing us with something new or trolling us and getting our hopes up? Let us know in the comments!

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