Everest's New Swiss-Made Rubber Strap - CAMO!

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Everest has some incredibly, exciting news! When it comes to a camouflage patterns, we haven’t previously offered this style here at Everest. We’ve previously focused on sleek, modern Swiss-made rubber designs or more traditional vintage leather looks. But, the trend to have a camo rubber watch band for your Rolex (or other luxury watch models made popular by Audemars Piquet) is becoming more mainstream. Our design team went to work on a unique look for our customers that want that camouflage look on their watch strap. 

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For starters, it had to be Swiss-made, start to finish. We mold our straps in Switzerland using a completely unique FKM (FKM is the premier luxury rubber/fluoroelastomer used by some of the highest-end brands like Panerai, Patek Philippe, and, even believed, Rolex on the Oysterflex designs). 

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FKM rubber is the best out there, which isn’t just marketing garb. We tracked down the highest grade rubber/FKM material compounder to use for our straps. Not a single impurity is added as filler. It is pure for our clients. The compounder is a Swiss company. Our watch bands are truly Swiss-made through and through.

Second, we studied water transfer printing related to watch straps. This is the process also known as immersion printing. It is a method of applying printed graphics on to a solid surface using a printed graphic or film that floats on water and is then applied onto the solid surface by dipping the item into the film and water. 

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This process is something of a skill that must be perfected by the operator. Just like any type of skill, it is perfected after years of experience. We were able to find one of the most fabulous Swiss water transfer printer. They took on the project and, in small batches, can produce an incredible finished item.

Lastly, we sourced our prints from Japan and ensured that they would adhere flawlessly to the FKM rubber material. Once again, our clients expect perfection, so that is the aim for us in every aspect of production.

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In the end, we were able to develop an impeccable, camouflage style strap that is Swiss-made using the highest quality technique and also looks fantastic on the wrist. We invite you to enjoy a new look for your Rolex with our Camo strap! 

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