by Aleta Saeger June 25, 2019 2 min read

We’ve got some super exciting news! The most popular Everest watch band has received an update. Hang in there while we get technical on our watch bands. While the fit and material has remained the same, there are a few visual and structural differences to note.

Firstly, and one of the most noteworthy structural change is the addition of a channeling system. We’ve had some #watchfam feedback that the previous EH5 model lead to tearing at the tongue holes after extensive, tight wear. In order to remediate this issue, we have added a channeling system - as appears on the EH11 Tudor rubber watch band. This channeling system not only reinforces the tongue holes, but it also provides a pathway for water and sweat to run off as well as enhancing the air movement.  

One of the most exciting changes is “Swiss-Made.” Again, we had a few members of the watch community note that even though straps were Swiss-Made, it was not identified on the strap. So, for all you beloved Swiss-made fans, we added it. The strap now notates “Swiss-Made” molded right into the rubber. Embedded at the case connection point on the underside of the strap, we even put it on both sides of the watch band.

Another eye-popping change that has occurred with this update is the hue has changed for some of the colors including blue, green, and red; and they are gorgeous!

The Blue rubber watch band received a more vibrant hue to match the Rolex dial variations like the Pepsi and the BLNR.

The green is more green (I know, a bit of a redundant statement). The previous green was a bit more teal to correlate to the older Rolex box whereas the new Green rubber watch band correlates better with the Hulk bezel.

The Red rubber took a step back from Ferrari red to associate more with a clay red - a beautiful, pure hue of what is more associated with the color red.

The straps that are currently available in this updated version are the Black, Blue, Green, Red and Gray. The Orange rubber will be released this summer, and the White rubber will be available in the updated version in early fall.

From the Everest watch family to you, we listen. We strive to provide what the watch community requests and desires - watch guys making something for fellow watch guys. Everest has grown to where it is today thanks to the support of the watch community and fellow watch guys.Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date on all of our new releases and news this year. We’ve got a lot more coming for 2019.

Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger

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