A Lifehack Every Swiss Timepiece Owner Should Know

A Lifehack Every Swiss Timepiece Owner Should Know

A Rolex watch is a finely-tuned piece of mechanical precision, with the movement alone containing up to 200 different parts. This type of precision commands a price tag that ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, there’s a lifehack that every Rolex owner should know: up to 40% of your Rolex’s value could be in your bracelet - learn to protect that investment!

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During the ongoing financial turmoil surrounding COVID-19, many Rolex, Tudor and Panerai owners are watching the prices of their investments reduce in value. However, they are seeing that much of their investment in their watch is still safe. Preserving your investment also means preserving the condition of your investment. Some have made the smart decision to invest in a separate strap to protect their investment - especially one that is specifically designed for their watch.

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While Rolex movements have been designed to be extremely shock-resistant and often show no external signs of impact, bracelet damage can be pretty apparent after a single incident, or even just after a few days of “desk diving.” Micro to macro scratches quickly cause your Rolex to devalue on the second hand market - especially ones on the clasp and bracelet. Watch models with Polished Center Links (PCL’s) are the most susceptible to scratches, which can greatly reduce a new buyer’s want to even buy your watch if your bracelet isn’t in good cosmetic condition.  

A quick check of secondary-market pricing shows that bracelets can be a large driver of watch condition and consequently, of final price. To maximize the secondary value of your Rolex, it is important to preserve condition while still enjoying your Rolex timepiece.

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So, what is the Life-hack that many Rolex watch owners are doing? Selecting a Swiss-made rubber, leather, or nylon Everest Band as an insurance policy to preserve their investment during the economic instability in 2020.  With summer rapidly approaching, a hypoallergenic, vulcanized rubber strap is an ideal choice to keep your watch safe and your pocket book.

Check out your options HERE for a strap to specifically keep that bracelet in MINT condition!


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