A Follow-up To Our Basel Predictions


Does Philipp Stahl over at Rolex Passion Report know something we don’t?

The run-up to Baselworld is a silly season of sorts, with watch journalists and geeks alike, trying to guess what the brands are going to release this year. Here at Everest, we’re no different. We talked about it here just last week.

You can see the prognostications on blogs and social media. Some are wild speculation. Some are wishes and hopes and dreams. And some seem more based in reality than one might casually think.

And that brings us back to the question above. What does Mr. Stahl know that we don’t know? The photos he shows of his speculation on the question at hand look awfully nice to simply be slap-dashed Photoshop enhancements of Rolex press photos.

He’s showing a potential new white-dialed (panda, sort of) Daytona in steel and with the new ceramic Daytona bezel (there’s a black dial version too) in a lovely photo that looks so real it begs the question: Are these the photos that will appear on the Rolex website the minute Baselworld’s doors open on March 17th?

Blueberry GMT

Is this a new Blueberry GMT-Master II? (photo credit Rolex Passion Report)

Then there’s an interesting photo of a multi-colored “Blueberry” GMT-Master II. To be honest, this one looks a little more Photoshopped than the Daytona photos. The color breaks are in odd places, as if the artist was trying to illustrate shadows and light reflections. Still, it’s an interesting speculation.

GMT Master two red hand

The news basic black GMT-Master II, Caught red-handed? (photo credit Rolex Passion Report)

And is the basic black GMT-Master II going back to a red GMT hand after all these years?

We’ll know a month from tomorrow. Meantime, place your bar bets with your WIS buddies and mark your calendar to check back here on March 17th.

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