5 Best Looks For Your Rolex Daytona

5 Best Looks For Your Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is an iconic watch that has withstood the test of time. Although this watch was designed for motorsports drivers, it has become a staple timepiece for any and all watch enthusiasts. Since it was first produced in 1963, the Daytona has gone through three main modifications and is now produced in various colors, metals, and materials. Although this is a classic, timeless watch, it is still safe to say that at times you may want to change up the overall look of the Daytona. Luckily, Everest has five different straps that will completely revamp the look and feel of your Daytona. 

Daytona Rubber Strap with Tang Buckle

rolex daytona on black rubber strap

The first look we have is the Daytona on our curved end rubber tang option. The tang buckle option is a great choice for those who would like to preserve their original Rolex clasp. It also is a bit more casual than the deployant option and offers more customization because of the different size options with the holes on the strap. This strap comes in two size options, standard that fits 80mm x 120mm/6.75in - 8.25in wrists and short that fits 70mm x 110mm/5in - 6.74in wrists. It is also available in six colors, which include black, blue, green, gray, orange and white. Customers also have the choice of choosing which buckle color they would like, which includes silver, gold and black. Our rubber straps are Swiss Manufactured and are made out of vulcanized rubber that is waterproof, long-lasting and has resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, stretching, tearing, dirt, dust, abrasion, chemicals, and staining.

rolex daytona on white rubber deployant

Daytona Rubber Strap with Deployant Clasp

Our next look is the Daytona on our curved end rubber deployant strap. This is our most popular strap for a reason, it looks amazing on any watch but especially the Daytona. Our deployant clasp allows customers to utilize the original Rolex clasp, making this look a bit dressier while also having a casual vibe from the rubber. This strap comes in seven colors, black, blue, green, gray, orange, white, and red. It is important to note that in order to purchase this strap, you will need the original Rolex bracelet that is fitted to your specific wrist. Notice as well how the curvature of the strap perfectly hugs the case. Everest strives for perfection in fit and style.

Everest has created a helpful sizing chart located HERE. If you are still unsure on how to count your original bracelet links, you can email a picture of your bracelet to our customer service team at info@everestbands.com for sizing help!

two rolex daytonas one with a white rubber strap and one with a black rubber strap

Daytona on Racing Leather Strap

Our third look is the Daytona on our curved end racing leather strap. This combination is very popular with our customers who own a Daytona because of the sporty look it brings to the watch. The Daytona was built for racing, so what better way to honor that than to put your Daytona on this racing leather strap? This strap is made out of the highest quality perforated Italian leather and is the same high quality leather that is seen in Italian and German sports cars. It is offered in three different color combinations, which are black with red stitching, white with red stitching and black with white stitching. The racing leather strap comes in one standard size that fits 80mm x 120mm/6.75in - 8.25in wrists and comes in three buckle color options, silver, gold and black.

rolex daytona on perforated leather black with red stitch

Daytona on Leather Strap

Our next look is the Daytona on our curved end leather strap. This look allows for your Daytona to have a dressier, more sophisticated vibe. Our leather straps are made out of the highest quality Italian Nappa Leather and are offered in several different options, which include the tang buckle, deployant, and steel end link. Our leather straps come in several different color options depending on which option you choose. Our customers especially love the brown and black alligator embossed leather options because it is a very cool, unique look. This look is a great choice for weddings and special occasions!

rolex daytona on blue leather strap

two rolex watches on steel end leather straps one black leather and one brown

rolex daytona watch on steel end link alligator strap on a mans wrist

Daytona on Nylon Strap

Our last and final look is the Daytona on our nylon strap. This is another amazing look for those who would like to give their Daytona a sportier, more casual look. It is very similar to the racing leather, but it is made out of a high-quality interwoven textile material with hypoallergenic lining. This strap comes in three different color options, which include black, black with red accents, and navy blue. It also comes in one standard size, that fits 80mm x 120mm/6.75in - 8.25in wrists and comes in three buckle color options, silver, gold and black.

rolex daytona on nylon curved end strap

It is important to note that Everest straps do not fit every Daytona model. Here are the Daytona models our straps fit: REF 116500LN, 16520, 116520, 116500LN & yellow gold variations. They do not fit any Daytona models that are made out of white gold or platinum and any Daytona that was produced on a leather strap or originally sold on an oyster flex bracelet. If you are unsure of what your Daytona model reference number is, feel free to send a picture of your watch to our customer service at info@everestbands.com and we'd be happy to help!

If you are lucky enough to own a Rolex Daytona, then our straps are a must-have to change your watch’s look and keep it fresh. Having options is never a bad thing, especially if you wear your watch to various functions and events. Our customers absolutely love the versatility our straps bring to their watches. It’s time to change up your watch look, shop our bands at https://www.everestbands.com/.

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