Everest Man Profile: The young gentleman, writer and watch enthusiast, Isaac Wingold

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Over the last four years, we have been fortunate enough to meet quite a few interesting and passionate individuals in the horology world. What is quite surprising is that the background and age differs tremendously from person to person. One person who might truly inspire you is Isaac Wingold. The first word that comes to mind to explain what Isaac is would be gentleman. He is a classy, independent guy who opens doors for women, sends thank you notes, and loves watches. One fact that is going to shock you though is that Isaac is seventeen years old though in perpetual time, he will be turning eighteen in only a few days.

Do not let that number confuse you whatsoever; he is an amazing individual who has an incredible love for watch collecting and watch history. Isaac has stretched his writing skills and has become one of the lead writers for the ever-growing watch blog, Wound for Life, the Everest Journal, and a few other up and coming timepiece editorials. He also is an established and esteemed writer for Christie’s Auction House.  As a proud Canadian, he is also helping others in his local city of Toronto to learn more about watches by being a prominent member of Redbar Toronto. Recently, I was in Chicago at a Commonwealth Crew meetup and talked with one of its founding members, Chase from the watch brand Oak and Oscar. Chase told me that Isaac is one of the most inspirational and kind hearted individuals he has ever come across in his life. Personally, I have to agree completely with that statement at every level.

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We were able to catch a brief moment recently with Isaac and ask him some interesting questions about his affection for watches, life, and Everest. Here are his answers:

What is your favourite Rolex/Tudor?

It’s hard to narrow it down to a single reference, but one that’s always been somewhat of a “grail” for me is the Ref. 6263 Daytona, with a black dial. Such perfect proportions on that piece and the little pop of colour that the red Daytona text adds is awesome.

What started you on loving the watch thing? First and last watch bought?

My interest in watches and horology started at a young age, due to the fact that my father has always been a watch collector and would let me see his watches from time to time. What really made me learn to love this passion of ours is the community that goes along with it and all the wonderful people I’ve met.

The first significant watch I ever bought was a Ref. 3590.50 Omega Speedmaster Professional (the last Speedy reference to feature a tritium dial), which is unfortunately no longer in my collection. I’ve since become somewhat of a Rolex junkie and just purchased a Submariner Ref. 5513 that dates back to 1969.

everest leather straps

What are your daily essentials?

When I leave for the day, there’s a few articles that I always make sure are on my person. Seeing as photography is one of my other interests, I always carry my Leica with me because you never know when or where that next great shot is going to present itself. Along with that, I also like to carry a substantial pen and a pocket knife.

Favorite location that you have ever traveled to and why?

A few years back, I traveled to Thailand on a community service trip. The exhilarating feeling of constant, controlled chaos that one experiences while there, combined with the beautiful, lush landscapes of the country were quite remarkable and certainly had me hooked. I hope to return some time soon, as they also happen to have a solid, vintage watch community.

deployant clasp for rolex

What is your day job?

I’m a student by day, and I just recently started my freshman year at the University of Guelph.

What would you like Everest to come out with in the future? What about Rolex/Tudor?

Everest should potentially look into producing straps made of traditional mens’ suiting materials, like dense tweeds.

I’d personally love to see Rolex make use of the new Cal. 3255 movement in their sports offerings as the updated caliber contains a host of seriously impressive new components that further the stellar, workhorse reputation that the brand is known for.

What are you a bracelet or a strap guy? 

Most of the time, my Rolexes will be on their steel Oyster bracelets, as it’s just so hard to beat that outstanding design and iconic aesthetic, though I do often enjoy switching it up, and mounting a nice leather strap, accompanied by an OEM buckle.  

rolex datejust buckle

We are incredibly excited to name Isaac Wingold as a true Everest man as his passion and knowledge of quality watches furthers his exploration into horology. We are so grateful for his insight and wish him luck on finding his way back to Thailand. Don’t forget to check out his captivating captures of his watch collection on Instagram #woundforlife.


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