4 Ways to Make Your Rolex Bracelet Look New Again

4 Ways to Make Your Rolex Bracelet Look New Again

Before and After Rolex bracelet polishing

To be frank, I hate scratches. I know it is inevitable, but once I get a scratch on my watch - I feel almost mad that the slightest damage has occurred. So what do you do if you want your bracelet to look new again? There are a few options you can choose from. Of course some options are much better than others and I'll explain why.

Option 1: Buy a Substitute Metal Bracelet

The first is that you can purchase a substitute bracelet from either a forum, Amazon or eBay. If you choose to purchase a non-genuine Rolex bracelet you will be nothing but disappointed. I have purchased these bracelets myself and frankly assuming that you can pay $60-$250 for a Rolex quality level metal bracelet is asking for trouble. The quality is so low that immediately you will want to take it off your wrist and dispose of it. The case connection is usually so poor that you will scratch your watch and when you do attach it….it looks just as fake as it is. You know better than to waste the money on this. 

Option 2: Buy a Genuine Rolex Bracelet

The next option is to purchase a genuine Rolex bracelet off of eBay, but that does have its own set of challenges. As someone who has been burned when buying watches and watch stuff, you need to remember you are buying the seller not the item. What I mean by that is that a reputable seller will sell you goods that are not trash or fakes and if you are not satisfied with them they will take them back. These types of people however are not cheap, so their pricing is fair to what you ask them to sell you: high-end watch related goods. 

For example, I recently bought just the hood of a brand new Rolex Submariner clasp from a reputable seller. It was $550.00 plus shipping. That is right, not the whole clasp or bracelet but just the hood of a clasp. But it was brand new, in Rolex packaging and I felt I got a fair deal. This item was not available from my local Rolex AD, so I had to look elsewhere. It also took me about 15 days to search out the item and another week or so for delivery. Again, I paid fair market value but fair market means big bucks. What is terrifying is that the replica parts look so close to the original ones online you cannot tell which is which until you get it in your hands. Also, if you find yourself with a replica part with the Rolex logo on it, you are allowing for a crime to occur. To ensure you aren't the victim of a watch crime, buy the seller not the item - this lesson has been helpful in guiding me over my years of watch collecting.

Option 3: Get Your Bracelet Serviced

Polishing Rolex bracelet

The next option is that you can get the bracelet serviced. This is probably the best idea. However, again you need to know that what you pay for is what you get. So picking the person or group to service your Rolex bracelet is very important. There are a million horror stories out there about watchmakers grinding away on a buffing wheel on bracelets and cases. They can easily remove so much material that they can destroy your bracelet (and Rolex). If you want to use a Rolex Authorized Dealer for service, you most likely are going to get the highest level of finish. They are most likely going to send it back to Rolex’s service department. Rolex will just replace the bracelet with a new one, unless they do not have one.

I have been hearing through my contacts that Rolex is most likely not going to be stocking four digit reference number models' parts any longer. For example a Rolex made in the 1960’s, most likely will be turned away by Rolex in the coming years. It makes sense since Rolex cannot forever be servicing watches from 50-60 years ago. However, they're specialists like Rollie Works in California could do this type of work. In my humble opinion they are the best in the industry for service. I am by no means pushing their services but for sure you will be happy. Especially, on a two-tone or all precious metal bracelet. Below are some before and after images of their work. 

What I think is the best plan is this, buy replacement watch parts that are worn out from extremely reputable sellers. Service your Rolex with extremely reputable watchmakers and of course buy an aftermarket strap/watchband for your Rolex from us. 

Polishing precious metal Rolex bracelet

Option 4: Replace your Bracelet with an Everest Bands Strap From Us


Rubber strap for your Rolex

That last point, buying a strap from us gives you a lot of benefits. For one, our Swiss suppliers make the best straps in the world, so quality and attention to detail are the main focus of the products. Second, your bracelet will be able to be used less, so in turn it will last longer. Think of it as an insurance policy that you get to use whenever you want. Lastly, your Rolex (Tudor or Panerai) will have a whole new look that you can enjoy that you cannot find anywhere else. All great points that allow you to extend the life of your watch while giving you a whole custom look. The far majority of customers say that once they put their Rolex on an Everest Band, they never want to go back to bracelet anyway. 

Hopefully, this article helped you find some great solutions on what to do when you want that old bracelet to look new again.

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