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At Everest, we’ve met a lot of watch guys in our time. Many have become close friends; a few have become true ambassadors of our brand. Of these, one particular person stands out as a class act: @horologyandtechnology on Instagram, also known as Josh in real life. Josh has impeccable taste in watches, owning a white Patek Philippe Nautilus, fondly called the “garage door” thanks to Instagram heckling that became part of his page’s vernacular; an Audemars Piguet ultra-thin Royal Oak; a classic Rolex Explorer; a 1675 Rolex GMT “Pepsi” and “Root Beer;” and a Rolex Day-Date wood dial, bark band. The collection is constantly evolving, since Josh actively bids on vintage timepieces from the various NYC auction houses, and is part of the various horology meet-up groups in New York.

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Josh has a great sense of humor and love for life in general. He is the consistent instigator of playful banter among the close-knit group of watch aficionados. His easygoing nature is mirrored by his better half, who actually has her IG watch page (@thelovedfiancee) and her own hashtag #lovedfiancee. These two attend every watch event together. They are somewhat of the Bonnie and Clyde of the New York City horological world right now, and their love for each other makes them unmistakably magnetic to others.

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Around 11,000 followers tune into @horologyandtechnology’s ever-growing Instagram feed of awesome watch events, #womw ‘s and of course fantastic #sexpiles. His Instagram account is a photographic documentary of their lives and their passion for watches.

We caught up over a bottle of scotch at in Basel, Switzerland where we were both attending Baselworld, and I asked Josh about his love for fine timepieces.

rolex explorer on leather

How did you get interested in watches?

In 2013, I was in St. Thomas with my fiancee (@thelovedfiancee). Early in the trip I went conch diving. When I got back on the boat, my Michael Kors watch was fogged over. I just couldn’t understand! I spend a few hundred on the watch and it clearly said “water resistant.” So I took the thing apart to dry and while it was drying we went for a walk around the duty free stores. I told my fiancée “I want to buy my first nice watch,” having no idea what I was getting into!

We walked around, tried on Movado, Breitling, Chopard (which bizarrely have a vanilla scented rubber strap), and Vacheron. None of these really “ticked the boxes” that I was looking for. My fiancée recommended Rolex, so we asked the duty free store we were in where we could find Rolex. They begrudgingly pointed down the street (you could tell they lost a few customers to the Rolex AD). We entered the Rolex AD (A.H. Riise) and browsed the selections. I was instantly attracted to the Explorer I 39mm reference 214270. Perhaps because I was traveling approximately 250,000 miles per year for work at that time, I felt immediately connected to the Explorer name and the elegant and understated design. So I bought it! I signed up for a store credit card and got six months same as cash… When I mentioned that on RolexForums.com I was nearly booed off the site! Apparently, you’re not supposed to finance watches, and that’s something I would not do again. I still have that watch today, and have seen so many countries and been on so many adventures with it on my wrist.

What is your favorite travel destination?

Paris, France. The culture, the wine, art, music, food... What beats Paris?

What is your favorite Rolex?

My favorite Rolex (at the moment—this opinion changes on nearly a monthly basis) would have to be a SkyDweller. It’s the closest they come to a world timing annual calendar.

What would you like to see Rolex do or come out with next?

I’d really like to see Rolex respect their vintage owners: start offering easier service methods, certificates from the archives, respect parts with patina instead of full replacement of anything showing age. It would be great for them to recognize and respect their heritage.

What is your day job?

I’ve lived in NYC for over 10 years. When I first moved here I worked for Apple. Now I work in IT at a finance firm.

What are your “daily essentials?”

A nice watch, a Nespresso and an open mind.

patek philippe watch


As always we are incredibly grateful to those who, like @horologyandtechnology, express a passion for fine timepieces without pretension. If you’re looking for shots of fantastic watches presented with a unique perspective, follow @horologyandtechnology’s page. Thanks to Josh for being one of our brand ambassadors and Everest Men!

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