The 3-Piece Rolex Watch Collection You Can Buy on a $20K budget

The 3-Piece Rolex Watch Collection You Can Buy on a $20K budget

These days with escalating prices on popular Rolex watches, is it possible to get three Rolex watches for about $20K. If you are starting a collection, let’s start by making room in the budget with a lower end model and work from there.

Datejust 1601

Photo by @watchandlifestyle

Pick 1 1601 Datejust:

If you’re wearing a vintage Datejust it shows the world you understand the beauty and utility of timeless classics. You get a versatile watch at 36mm, acrylic crystal for added warmth and a folded Jubilee bracelet for supreme comfort. These can be found in great condition for under $6,000.

Many have described the Datejust as the perfect daily watch because of its ability to be worn discreetly with a suit and as easily with shorts and a tank top. Because it leans into dressier territory, it truly allows it to be a possible one watch forever. It’s easier to dress down a watch than it is to dress one up. Serviceability is key too as even a model from the early 1970s can be cared for by a great watchmaker. 

Explorer 114270

photo by @screwdowncrown86

Pick 2 Explorer 114270:

Since pick one went to a dressier watch, your complementary pairing should be a rugged tool watch. You’re going to get that itch scratched with an Explorer I with a sapphire crystal, 36mm case, and Oyster bracelet. The 3-6-9 dial in black will contrast nicely with the Datejust. Great examples of this watch can be found for under $7,000.

The Explorer I is going to provide an unmistakable classic Rolex sport watch look and is just not as common as the traditional steel black Submariner Date that seems to be everywhere. Because it’s a modern sport watch, it can serve as the watch you wear when more active pursuits come into play. It will look killer sipping a tropical cocktail with swim trunks and flip flops.

Rolex Milgauss

Photo by @rustler_5150

Pick 3 Milgauss 116400GV:

With around $7,000 left in the budget, we’d choose a piece with some added visual interest. The modern Milgauss fulfills this role with its orange lightning-bolt seconds hand, green-tinted sapphire and polished center link Oyster bracelet.

The Milgauss is an excellent choice for when you want to spice things up. If you are going to a big social gathering (something we hope we can do as the time of this article publishing is early 2021), your Milgauss can serve as the accessory that uplifts a more conservative outfit.

So there you have it. Three picks of Rolex watches that can be purchased now and fit into a well-rounded collection. It’s fun just to play this budget game. What would you choose with around a $20K budget? Would it be better to just spend the entire budget on a single watch? Given the inflated second-hand prices on popular Rolex models, we tried to stay with models that are still reasonably priced in relation to its feature set.

One you have acquired your three-watch collection, be sure to store them in an Everest watch roll, which can be purchased here.

cork watch roll with 3 rolex watches inside

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