2021 New Year’s Watch Resolutions

2021 New Year’s Watch Resolutions

Time for a fresh start. Your watch obsession isn’t going anywhere. But how are you going to shake things up? For some, just enjoying the watches you have in your current collection could be a way to reinvigorate your love for the hobby. For others it may finally be time to give an Omega Speedmaster a chance. And for many 2021 may finally be the year to grab your holy grail watch. After all, most of us are probably headed nowhere but up from last year.

We polled some members of the Everest team on what their watch-rated New Year’s resolutions are. As usual our diverse group came up with some thought-provoking ideas.

Photo by @feitoporelas_

“In 2021, I'd like to accept the fact that just because someone is wearing a watch on TV or in a movie, it doesn't mean that I have to pause, zoom in, screenshot, google search, and consult friends to determine the exact watch it is. I can totally just enjoy the movie without doing this, right?”

—Theresa DiMartini

Photo by @rolexlive

“Add a classic and versatile watch to my collection. I would like to invest in a Rolex watch to become my wrist check for an elegant event or a casual outing.”

—Aleta Saeger

Photo courtesy of Esslinger

“Learn to become the master of springbar tweezers.  Every time I attempt them, I fall back to my exceptional and trusty Everest tool kit.  But 2021 will be my year.  I'm going to master them, and I'm not going to lose any springbars in the process.”

—Nick Payne

Photo by @nodatediver

“Rounding out my steel Rolex collection by adding a ceramic Daytona and ceramic Pepsi.”

—Patrick Bernardez

Photo by @_c38_

“For sure it is to wear more of my collection. I have been crushing time with my MONTA Oceanking, GMT Master II LN Ceramic and a Black Bay 58, however I have so many other watches that are just sitting. I am so worried about scratching them, but with 2020 teaching me that we only live once I need to enjoy them more. I need to enjoy them a lot more.”

—Michael DiMartini

Photo courtesy of MONTA Watch

“Buy from an independent watchmaker. There's no better time than now to support small businesses. I want to show my support on my wrist by purchasing from independent US watchmakers. Right now I'm eyeing the MONTA Noble  with an opaline silver dial. It's a deceptively simple, well-designed timepiece with a demure date window, blue lume, and a two-day power reserve that's getting some glowing reviews.

—Meghan Clark

Black Bay 58 Blue

Photo by @genevawrist

Add a watch with color to my collection. For some reason my current collection consists simply of variations of black or white. In 2021 I will add a watch with a dial in blue, green or orange.”

—Li Wang

Photo of Air-King on Everest Strap by @thewristguy

“Don’t get distracted by watches that are popular or what everyone is searching for: focus on buying only what I really want and will wear.”

—Lucas Shook

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