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by Aleta Saeger June 29, 2020 3 min read

Now that you have become an expert in watch collecting from our article here, you need somewhere to safely store your watches. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a watch roll including the features like material and design, as well as the size. The two most popular Everest watch rolls, both in color and size, are now back in stock here

Finely crafted leather goods reflect their quality standards. And when it comes to the standards of a Rolex, Tudor or Panerai owner, we focus on three cornerstones for our products. Quality, technology and beauty are the cornerstones of why many wear a Rolex, Tudor or Panerai. With Everest's watch rolls, you will not be disappointed. Everest has a passion to combine function and beauty and always uses the highest quality materials available.

everest watch roll

How many of you are still shoving your watches into a sock drawer next to some ties clips or other accessories? Removing that clutter from your life is liberating. Neatly storing your watches is a game changer with a watch roll. We prefer ones designed for at home or travel. A nicely designed watch roll with premium materials allows you to showcase your collection and add a nice interior design element too.

The vegetable tanned Italian calf leather has a soft and milled grain. You can feel the high quality in the touch.A higher quality leather is worth the investment because it will last and patina better with age. Items that last longer are better for the soul and the earth. Well-made objects withstand the test of time and prevent waste buildup as well as adding sentimental value as you create memories with the objects. 

everest watch roll

The interiors are made of our plush proprietary material that protects your prized watches. The same material is used in our travel watch pouches here. A Rail Sliding System lets each of the three watch pillows slide in and out of the case without compromising the structural core of the roll. The three compartments float inside of the roll, allowing for maximum protection and grant easy access. No watches will slide into each other as a barrier separates them within the roll. The floating pillows compress to any watch size without putting substantial strain on the watches.

everest watch roll

Everest's technology in the watch roll design is further distinguished by its flat base (perfect for at-home use). Rid your dresser of the bulky, countless watch boxes and replace them with a single watch roll. With a flat bottom, the watch roll sits perfectly and safely stores and displays your beautiful collection!

Why are the 3 watch rolls our most popular size? Its a good starting point. You can include a dressier watch for dinner or meetings, a daily wearer and one for more active pursuits. The relatively smaller size is convenient when it comes to packing light too. If you're not much of a traveler or just really don't want to bring your prized timepieces along. The watch roll is still an excellent storage option for at home. The Everest Watch Roll provides maximum protection and accessibility. With a fine leather exterior, the watch roll is very eye appealing. 

everest watch roll

Everest's recently stocked watch rolls, Navy Blue and Espresso Brown are now available for pre-order and will ship July 8th here. And, you can find a matching leather watch pouch for your new watch roll here.

Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger

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