10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Rubber Strap

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Rubber Strap

You’ve seen them on Instagram, Youtube, and maybe even in person: integrated rubber straps on luxury watches. The pairing has a unique sporty feel unlike any alternative (leather, nylon, bracelet). When you Google ‘rubber watch strap’, you're overwhelmed with results as there are so many different brands, styles, and looks. To make things easy for you, here are 10 questions to ask yourself before buying a rubber watch strap. 

What is the strap made of?

Rolex sub on everest bands

This one might sound a bit ridiculous -- it's made of rubber right? As it turns out, there are several different types of rubber that manufacturers use to create watch straps. The two most common are silicone and vulcanized FKM rubber. Silicone is cheaper, less durable, and prone to staining: which can quickly make a strap look old and worn. On the other hand, vulcanized FKM rubber is supple yet sturdy, offering much better durability and corrosion resistance than silicone. Everest rubber straps are exclusively made from vulcanized FKM rubber. Our specific material goes through independent strength testing before being used for straps.

Does the rubber strap integrate with your watch's case? 

The next factor which will really change the look of your watch is whether the rubber strap is straight-ended or curved to fit your watch case (also known as "integrated"). Everest makes curved-end rubber straps that integrate perfectly with your watch case, making it look like an OEM alternative. In some cases, your particular reference might not have a curved-end rubber strap. Don't worry -- Everest also offers a universal rubber strap that fits all 20mm lug-width watches. It even has a slight curve to mimic this integrated appearance. However, for the ultimate rubber strap look, a curved-end variant is the way to go.

Does the strap come with spring bars? Do I have to buy my own?

Rolex Sub on Everest bands deployment

You’ve found a rubber strap for your watch but you realize that it doesn't come with spring bars. Now you have to have to use those that came with your bracelet, hoping they'll fit (which is not a guarantee), or deal with the tedious/expensive task of finding replacement spring bars. Everest Bands saves you all that hassle and includes the correct spring bars for your strap and watch! You’re good to go as soon as you your rubber strap arrives.

Does the strap need to be cut with scissors to fit? 

If you want to use your watch's OEM deployant clasp, there are rubber straps that fit them. However, without a traditional tang buckle fitment, you have to size the band in another way. Not many brands offer deployant rubber straps, and those that do (like Rubber B and Horus), require you to cut the rubber to size. Firstly, this is an inconvenience to you as you now have to carefully cut your expensive strap without damaging it. Secondly, if you cut it too short… it's not going to fit your wrist and you won't be able to return it. Finally, you may even be able to see the holes on the side of the strap or cut marks from where you made the cut. You might see where this is going. We at Everest understand these issues. That’s why our rubber straps don't require you to cut them with scissors: they are already sized based on how many links are on your bracelet. You can simply install your pre-sized strap: no scissors required. If it doesn't fit, Everest returns are fast, easy, and free.

Does the rubber strap have a warranty? 

Everest Bands is confident in providing the highest-quality Swiss-made rubber straps on the market. To give you peace of mind, we offer a 1 to 2 year warranty on your strap depending on its material. In the unlikely event that something bad happens to your strap or it arrives damaged, Everest Bands is more than happy to help you out. Just give us a call.

Will the strap stand the test of time? 

Three rolex models on Everest

This one is easy for Everest Bands…Yes! Not only are there thousands Youtube videos, Instagram posts, and long-term reviews of our straps online, there are just as many people who've been quietly wearing their Everest rubber strap for years. This should come as no surprise: as previously mentioned, Everest uses the highest quality FKM rubber possible. You don’t want buy a new strap every year; you want to make right purchase once. 

What sizes are available?

Everest rubber strap

Not everyone has the same size wrist. Many rubber watch strap companies make extra-long straps that fit everyone, the only issue being that if you have smaller wrists, you have a lot of excess strap. Everest Bands offers both short and standard sizes, with measurements listed on the product pages, to ensure that your rubber strap will fit your wrist perfectly.

What buckle options can you choose?

Tudor on Everest

Source: Millenary Watches

Nine times out of ten, you’ll want a buckle to match your watch case. For example, if your watch is made of steel, titanium, or white gold, you’ll likely want a stainless steel buckle to match the silver tone of your watch case. However, those seeking a gold or black buckle will be hard pressed to find one. Thankfully, Everest Bands offers steel, gold, and black buckles so you can get the material combo for your watch.

Does the rubber strap feel good? Look good?

Everest Bands has been making rubber watch straps since 2012. Their ongoing expertise has helped them construct an elegant design without compromising on durability or quality. Looks and comfort are at the center of every Everest design; when you hold an Everest rubber strap, you can see and feel how smooth it is while still appreciating its heft and durability. The curved-end design perfectly compliments the silhouette of whatever watch you put it on. Ostensibly, you chose the watch based on its design; a curved-end rubber strap is just an extension of that design!

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