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Everest Horology Products
Everest Horology Products
Everest Horology Products

Why Choose Everest

About Everest

Everest Horology Products is a company that finds solutions to Rolex owners needs and desires. Since the beginning of Everest, quality and customer service have been the hallmarks of our firm. Everest had a simple idea that has transformed into an incredible answer for Rolex wearers, create a grouping of bespoke watch strap options for Rolex wearers to customize their Rolex. Our beginnings are humble, but true to our original focus of quality and an attention to detail we have strived for a better alternative to low quality aftermarket Rolex replacement watch bands. Due to our watch straps intending to be installed on a Rolex watch, we strive to parallel our customer service with our quality. We are Rolex enthusiasts and whatever we create, be it a leather strap or a stainless steel clasp, our devotion is to you our Rolex wearers.

Why choose an Everest Watch Band?

Many Rolex wearers have either worn out their Rolex bracelets over time or have looked for an additional change of pace to their Rolex bracelet. Everest allows you, the Rolex wearer to create a whole new look with either our Swiss made rubber or our Artisan Spanish and American made leather straps. Now, you can preserve your Rolex bracelet with our custom made watch bands. Because our designs are based on the essence of a Rolex, our watch bands keep to the unique oyster bracelet style. Add a classic leather or a modern Rubber look to your Rolex, while keeping to the original styling of the watch itself. Finally, our watch straps are amazingly comfortable and well made. The use of leather and rubber reduces the weight of the watch and our designs conform to the oval shape of your wrist perfectly. Choose our Rolex replacement straps for their comfort, styling or quality, but no matter what you will enjoy them for years to come.

Quality of manufacturing and material choice

The rubber material Everest selected for its rubber strap series is the best in the world. Everest utilizes the premiere rubber watch strap manufacturer in Switzerland to mold its hand finished rubber straps. Our precision fit steel and rubber end link connections were developed using the highest level of technology and manufacturing techniques. Our case connections fit is to the tolerances expected by a Rolex wearer. When it comes to our leather hides selected for our leather watch bands, Everest chose to use only the best Italian, Spanish and American tanneries to create a beautiful collection of leather color options. Everest's hand crafted leather straps are produced and finished by artisan leather watch strap makers in Spain and America to our exacting detail. Finally, every Everest replacement watch strap is assembled and quality checked by hand at our headquarter in the US, before being also packaged at the same facility.