Curved End Camo Rubber Strap for Rolex Sea-Dweller with Tang Buckle

  • Precision fit to your Rolex model - made by our Swiss manufacturers 
  • UV, Dust, Water and Chemical resistant. Made of the highest quality rubber in the world
  • Strap Length - 80mm x 120mm (Standard)
  • Incredibly comfortable, durable and supple vulcanized Swiss rubber
  • Fits these Rolex Sea-Dweller - Models Reference: 16660 & 16600
  • Your order includes two Rolex style 2.0mm spring bars, a Custom Curved End Rubber strap, and a custom buckle. Watch not included

    Invincibility meets customization

    The team at Everest are quite in love with their Rolex watches, so when it came to developing a tang buckle rubber strap they had some requirements. First, when customizing a Rolex watch with one of our straps, it had to give the watch a unique new look but still keep the essence of it. Second, it had to be extremely robust and able to take on any type of environmental element because we are so active with our watches. Lastly, since we are preserving a Rolex bracelet and clasp it had to be an easy install and removal.

    With the Everest Rubber Tang Buckle watch band we able to make it an even easier install than our previous model rubber lines. Everest added a few new custom colors to give our Rolex clients an even better customization experience for their Rolex. As always expected from us, quality of materials and construction was improved with our new super durable 316L buckle and vulcanized Swiss Rubber. Preserve your Rolex bracelet with simply the best aftermarket Rubber strap for a Rolex owner.

    Incredible comfortPrecision Vulcanized Swiss Rubber

    Our rubber straps have excellent resistance to UV rays, excessive heat and cold, stretching, tearing, dirt and dust, abrasion, chemicals, staining, and even water. Our unique rubber polymer is molded by our Swiss manufacturer to our precision dimensions and will endure countless years of abuse while still looking excellent.

    When it comes to customizing your Rolex with a Camo Rubber strap, the strap is a combination of a nice dark blue, dark gray, light gray and black. This beautiful array of colors is subtle yet grabs attention. Each strap is unique in its own pattern. No two straps are identical. Perfect for customization. Take your Rolex on any adventure.

    Because you are preserving your Rolex bracelet, we had to first think about how this watch strap looks on the watch itself. Since we create straps that keep the essence of a Rolex, Everest must offer a rubber watch band that hugs the case perfectly. Additionally, Everest focused very much so on a very simple, easy installation with a rock solid grip to the case. Again, Everest utilizes a Rolex size and style spring bar connection.


    This great combination of customization, superb durability and expert rubber manufacturing has created what many have said is the perfect rubber watchband for your Rolex. The weight reduction of rubber watch strap from a steel bracelet, the unique look of the Everest design, and the durable but comfortable, hypoallergenic rubber make this a perfect watch strap for our most treasured client: you.

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