Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Everest straps manufactured ?

Our straps are made in Switzerland by top watch industry experts. The Swiss make the finest watches in the world, they also happen to manufacture the finest straps to go on those watches. We graciously accepted the opportunity to have our straps made by the Swiss.

Does the Everest Rubber Strap come in different sizes?

Simple answer is yes and no. Wrist sizes vary greatly, which is the reason we designed our straps to accommodate so many variations with the use of standard stainless steel oyster links for compensation (just like your Rolex bracelet). You never have to take a chance and cut the rubber for sizing, which can result in injury or miss-sizing. One of the best features of the Everest band, that sets it apart from all others is the ability to add or subtract links as you would on a normal Rolex bracelet. The rubber will still maintain the natural oval shape of a wrist that provides a feel that is noticeably comfortable, especially after being worn day to day. Oyster links are provided with each Everest rubber strap purchase at no additional charge as well as a set of Stainless Steel spring bars.

Can I use my original Rolex factory clasp on the deployment versions of the Everest Band?

Yes. There is no denying Rolex makes the finest Swiss watch in the world – naturally their stainless steel clasp is no exception either. We designed the Everest strap to maintain the very essence of the Rolex look. 

Is Everest Horology Products LLC affiliated or associated with Rolex and its subsidiary Rolex Divisions?

No we are in no way affiliated with Rolex. We produce custom aftermarket items made to the quality and tolerance of the Swiss watch they are intended for.

How easy or difficult is the Everest strap to install ?

In the very beginning of the design phase of our rubber strap series - the Everest team made numerous design changes to develop a rubber strap that was easy enough to install within minutes by the owner if they wished. Here is a LINK ON HOW TO INSTALL IT YOURSELF but some prefer to have a professional watch maker or jeweler install it. Your choice. Please refer to install instructions. A few minor tools and some tape are needed. Not responsible for injury or damage to ones self or watch. Please feel free to call our office anytime for assistance 888-643-4942.

Is it Rubber or Silicone ?

Everest Rubber straps are made of the finest Vulcanized Swiss Rubber in the world by our Swiss Manufacturer. Our vulcanized Swiss rubber is hand finished and is not coated and is pure rubber of the highest quality. Everest's unique design allows a hardened plastic insert that is over molded to secure your spring bars to your watch case. Vulcanized rubber makes for a comfortable feel on the wrist, it also resists cracking, stretching and repels dust. Everest rubber straps are manufactured to outlast and outperform the competition in comfort and durability.

How long will it take to receive my new Everest Rubber Strap and cost of shipping?

Your order will typically ship same day or within 24 hours, however the arrival time will depend on your selected preference of shipping at checkout. FREE Domestic Shipping.

Orders for delivery to international destinations will be shipped typically using USPS. For international customers, your shipment will have a tracking number, and will arrive dependent upon which of the three options you choose and your countries customs system.

Several shipment options are available from our web site. Delivery will depend on carrier chosen.

Return and Refund Policy

Please follow the procedures listed in our return policy. The hallmark of our company is founded on the principal of giving outstanding customer service. Everest goes to great lengths to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. We accept nothing less. Return and Exchange Policy.