Yacht-Master II

Released in 2007, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is a watch truly designed for yachting. It features a regata timer which is a mechanically programmable 10 minute chronograph that also features a flyback. In yachting, racers are given a countdown that is up to ten minutes. The countdown functionality can be synced with the starting gun, enabling racers to be ready to cross the line as soon as possible after the starting gun sounds. This modernized version of the original also debuted a ring command bezel - a 90 degree rotating bezel which allows you to program the ten minute countdown. Everest Bands on this page fit the Yacht-Master II reference numbers: 116680, 116688, and 116681. Swapping the bracelet for one of Everest’s Rubber watch bands leads to a significant drop in weight to the wrist with this 44mm case.