Steel End Link Alligator Embossed Strap for Rolex Submariner Ceramic with Tang Buckle

Black Alligator
Brown Alligator
  • Straps are Swiss made in traditional French style
  • Alligator Embossed Calf Leather – Leather is made in Italy
  • Hypoallergenic lining
  • Express yourself with 2 custom colors
  • Strap Length - 80mm x 120mm (Standard)
  • Precision fit to your Rolex model
  • Solid stainless steel end link at the case connection point (Patented)
  • Fits these Rolex Submariner models: 116610 (date model) 114060 (no date model) and Gold versions of those models.
  • Your order includes two Rolex style 2.0mm spring bars, two custom, patented steel end links, a custom leather strap, and an Everest Oyster style buckle. Watch not included

the refinement of luxury, the alligator embossed strap

One of the unique characteristics about the Rolex Submariner and other Rolex sport models is the connection of the solid steel end link to the case of a Rolex watch. Everest has created a completely unique steel end link leather strap system that provides a solution to a 50-year-old problem – the unsightly gap between the end of the leather strap and the case of a Rolex watch.

This steel end link is a first of its kind and is designed to perfectly create one flawless connection with a leather strap and a steel end link to a Rolex case using a 2.0mm Rolex style spring bar. The incredibly precise, patented stainless steel end link is made to the tolerance level only achieved by true high-end Swiss watch manufacturing.

As with all Everest products, keeping the essence of the watch is a key feature. The Everest Steel End Link Leather Strap system will give your Rolex sports watch a custom look and new life.

An industry firstEnd Link Design

Everest’s current Alligator Embossed Calf Leather color options are a fantastic matte black and a very deep classic brown. Both colors work perfectly to add a level of modern design and sophisticated fashion. Everest’s Alligator Embossed Calf Leather straps are handcrafted in Switzerland using only the finest Italian-made alligator embossed calf leather material.

The steel end link is a patented design which flawlessly connects the leather strap to the Rolex watch case with a 2.0mm Rolex style spring bar. Everest’s incredibly precise stainless steel end link is made to the tolerance level only achieved by high-end Swiss watch companies.

Each detail - including the buckle - is not overlooked. Everest’s robust 316L stainless steel buckle mimics the oyster-style look of the steel end link and also has a heavy duty screw to secure it to the strap. This combination is homage to the original oyster link on your Rolex oyster bracelet.

We are driven to excellence The Everest Strap System

This perfectly designed combination of stainless steel end links, alligator embossed Italian calf leather, and expert Swiss manufacturing has created what many have said is the perfect aftermarket watchband for their Rolex. The weight reduction of leather from a steel bracelet, the unique curvature of the leather over time, and the soft, hypoallergenic leather lining make this the perfect watch strap for your Rolex.

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