Warm Up Your Look with Leather Straps for Tudor and Panerai

Warm Up Your Look with Leather Straps for Tudor and Panerai

Nothing warms up a winter or fall look like a gorgeous leather strap on your watch. Steel is lovely, but it is cold and hard, even more so in sub zero temperatures. Adding a tan or chestnut leather strap to your Rolex, Tudor, or Panerai watch not only adds a tangible feeling of warmth, but also looks incredibly debonair and stylish. Add black leather to you watch and the adjectives change to debonair, stylish and edgy. Follow along as we look at the most popular leather straps for Tudor and Panerai.

Above is the chestnut brown Everest leather strap on a Tudor Black Bay, and it looks incredible. There are a lot of leather watch bands out there, but what makes Everest unique is that our proprietary straps are literally custom-made specifically for each watch model, so the width, curvature, and fit to the bezel are meticulously perfect. Our curved-end, Swiss-made straps are designed intentionally and specifically to ensure an absolute perfect fit and feel.

Brown hue watch bands like the one seen above really complement the Tudor Black Bay indices and iconic snowflake hands. You might wonder why you’d put leather on a dive watch, but the truth is, how often are you diving? Choose a leather strap for your everyday look, and swap it out for an Everest rubber strap or wear the original steel bracelet when you go diving. A tool kit will help you make strap changes easy. 

Let’s hear what some real unbiased customers had to say about Everest leather straps made specifically for their Tudor Black Bays.

Everest Leather for Tudor Black Bay Unbiased Reviews:

“Terrific, high-quality product” --Neel G.

“Love it - looks great ! Very high quality feels amazing will definitely get more!” --Bobby N.

 “Very nice quality strap. Fit is exceptional.” --Matthew S.

five leather options for panerai

The color choices for the Everest Tudor leather series include two black leather options - one with matching stitch and one with ecru, a saddle tan leather, a chestnut brown and a classic deep chocolate brown are also available.
Buckle options include silver, gold and black. Black is perfect for the blacked out PVD Tudor models that are currently trending. Adding a black buckle to a black leather strap gives the watch a cool monotone and incognito look. Adding a silver buckle really accentuates the dial, and adding a gold buckle brings out the hands and indices. Truly no matter which buckle option you choose, it enhances your Tudor watch in a significant way.

Now let’s talk Panerai.

panerai on everest band

Panerais are known to be strap monsters and Panerai folks love to swap out their Panerai straps. Rubber usually seems like the first choice, but the truth is that leather straps look incredibly boss on a Panerai. 

Our Everest leather straps for Panerai are designed specifically to be girthier in width to complement the larger case size and bulkier iconic look of Panerai watches. We designed the buckle to be thick and heavy-duty, while offering finishes in both polish and brushed steel. With seven sizing holes, the band fits almost everyone.

Here are what some customers had to say about Everest Leather Straps for Panerai:

“I bought several aftermarket straps for my Pam111 and this is by far the best one I have. Can’t wait for more colors to come out!” --Francesco R.

“I’ve been rocking the Praline leather strap on my Panerai Luminor and it looks and feels SO GOOD” -- Derek J.

The color choices for the Panerai leather series include a black leather with matching stitch. A saddle tan, a chestnut brown, a praline brown and alligator embossed in brown are also available.

As with all Everest straps, the watch band is specifically designed for each watch model and you can see how perfectly and precisely the strap fits into the lugs.

Leather, in all forms looks fantastic on Panerai. One of the best things about Panerai is their strap culture which has thrived due to their hassle free experience. With the included screwdriver/strap tool and extra strap, a different look can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Unlike most watches, Panerai has a variety of strap mounting technologies and each one is user friendly. This eliminates the owner from having to travel to the nearest watchmaker or authorized dealer for something as simple as a strap change. It’s the main reason many Panerai owners have a drawer filled with custom made Everest straps just waiting for their turn. 

If you haven't already, please check out all of our curved end rubber and leather strap options for the 44mm Luminor here!

What are your favorite leather strap looks? Be sure to tag us on instagram @everestbands and we might repost your shot!


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