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The Evolution of the Green Bezel Submariner
The green bezel Submariner.  An absolute legend and the grail watch of many die-hard Rolex enthusiasts.  It first appeared in 2003 with a striking aluminum bezel alongside ref. 16610LV and is still in production today, only now with a shiny...
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Is this the End of the Rolex Hulk?
In 1953, the first Submariner was released. In 2004. Rolex released a 50th anniversary submariner to celebrate the first 50 full years of Submariner success. The Submariner 16610LV, or “the Kermit” uses Rolex’s brand color on just the bezel -...
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rolex submariner 2020
Based on new Rolex model releases over the past few years, we anticipate a new Submariner to join the line up this year. A complete overhaul of multiple lines has occurred, but the Submariner line has been sorely overlooked. We’re...
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Rolex Submariner no-date or date?
Recently, we’ve been on a kick with one of of the all-time classic watches period: the Rolex Submariner. We’ve been admiring it in all of its forms, staring lovingly at our friend Andrew’s 5513 as well as Alan’s super bold...
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