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Pop The Corks โ€“ The Corum Bubbles Are Here
The guard handed me a small bottle of bubbles. You knowโ€ฆ the kind kids use to blow bubbles in the back yard when itโ€™s 95 degrees outside? The guard said, โ€œGo ahead Ed.โ€ (Heโ€™d read my badge.) โ€œTake โ€˜em. Youโ€™ll...
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las vegas watch convention
Iโ€™ve been absent for a few days and thereโ€™s a reason for it. In a word, Vegas. Yeah Baby! Everybody in the watch world looks forward to SIHH and Basel, right? Well, yeah, but thatโ€™s not all. Thereโ€™s the American...
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