Sharing is Caring When It Comes To Watches

Sharing is Caring When It Comes To Watches

“How do I get my significant other into watches?” It’s a question we’ve seen repeated in many watch forums time and time again, and maybe one that you’ve even asked yourself. That’s always followed by a hundred different answers that seem to be more complex and confusing than trying to solve a rubix cube with a blindfold on. Whether you’re trying to share this amazing hobby of ours with your significant other because you want to deepen your bond or you’re just trying to get them off your back for wanting to buy more watches (I believe many of us might fall into this later category), a basic introduction into watches doesn’t have to be as complicated as the timepieces we all love. In fact, it can be as simple as this: sharing.

Okay okay, I know what you’re’s “too easy”. But who made the rule that it had to be difficult or expensive in the first place? 

mondani wearing everest bands on her rolex watch


While we all have different reasons behind why we purchase certain watches (movements, brand heritage, etc), fundamentally we all want the same thing. We want a watch that will both look great on the wrist and stand the test of time. And based on that logic, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume many of our significant others might appreciate horology for the same reason. What better way to dip their toes into the hobby that we all love than to simply share one of your watches with them? 

My personal suggestion would be to take a watch that they notice most when you wear it and simply throw it on a strap, encouraging your partner to feel comfortable enough to pick it up, slide it on the wrist, and find that perfect fit. Let’s be honest, none of us want to go through the hassle and dreaded task of sizing a watch bracelet every time you want to wear one of your watches that you lent out to your partner. It’s time consuming, annoying, and stressful if you aren’t used to doing it as damage can occur quite easily to the screws and pins that hold our watches together.

By installing a strap to your watch instead, both of you can wear the same timepiece on the same strap at any time, a much better convenience than sizing two or three times a week! And much cheaper than taking the risk of buying them a watch that they may not even enjoy wearing.

The overall idea is that it gives your significant other the chance to have a proper introduction to mechanical watches before you invest in getting them their own. (My other suggestion would be to buy a watch specifically for the two of you to share that can be worn on a strap but if I’m being honest, that’s probably just my selfishness of trying to justify yet another watch purchase however I can.)

everest bands on rolex watches in watch roll

Okay, whether you share an existing watch or buy something new (obviously you know which choice I’m going for), you want to make sure it is a great size for both of you and most importantly, that it will look great on almost any strap out there. A few of my favorite watches for this are the Rolex Submariner, Omega Speedmaster Professional, Tudor Black Bay, Nomos Club Campus, AP Royal Oak...really the list just goes on and on. In fact, we explored a few favorite Couple’s Watches late last year that is definitely worth a read! And with so many phenomenal straps out there, it has never before been easier to accessorize your watches and turn them into fashion pieces. 

Fortunately we all know that one of the best places to buy straps for many of the most popular pieces on the market (and probably in your collection) today is through Everest Bands

At the end of the day, we all know that this hobby can be lonely. Very few of us have friends or family that are into watches, which is probably why we all clamor into various internet and social media watch groups as much as we can. I’m not saying that throwing a strap on your Submariner and letting your spouse wear it is going to lead to them wanting to have in depth discussions on the differences in Swiss Lever Escapements versus all others and arguing over what luxury watch brand is the best. But it may just inspire them to pick up a watch for themselves or at least have a better understanding of why you enjoy them so much. Besides, think about how great it’ll look on their wrist too. After all, sharing is caring! (but do so at your own risk, we cannot guarantee that you will get your watch back after they fall in love with it)

rolex daytona on white rubber strap


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