Just When You Thought Roger Federer Couldn’t Get Any Cooler, He Did This.

Just When You Thought Roger Federer Couldn’t Get Any Cooler, He Did This.

Just a few short days ago Roger Federer quietly served up a life-changing and heart-warming surprise in a small town in Italy. What happened on the rooftop there will renew your faith in humanity and leave you feeling like there is still good in the world, despite the mostly terrible lot 2020 has given us so far. Before we get into that, let’s have a quick background refresher on the beloved Roger Federer.

Roger Federer, who celebrated his 39th birthday on August 8, is a rare gem in the world of tennis, athletes, and human beings in general. His athletic ability in tennis is unmatched by others, and not only is he one one of the top 5 highest paid athletes in 2020, he also became the first billionaire in tennis this same year. 

roger federer and rolex

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Early Years

Born in Basel, Switzerland, the home of the popular Baselworld watch show, Federer started playing tennis seriously around age 11. It was around this time that he was known as one of the top Swiss junior tennis players. He turned pro in 1998, and five short years later he won his victory at Wimbledon making him the first Swiss man to win a Grand Slam singles title. Throughout his career, he has won an impressive 20 Grand Slam singles championships and 8 Wimbledon titles. 

Rolex Ambassadorship

Of course, Roger Federer has also been one of Rolex’s most well-known ambassadors since 2011. You won’t see Federer holding a tennis trophy without a hand-picked Rolex watch gleaming on his wrist. In fact, Rolex has a long and rich history with tennis, and Roger Federer has been the face of this relationship for almost a decade. The model Federer is wearing in the image above is the Day-Date II Everose gold version, a 41mm Rolex watch with a chocolate brown dial. In the pic below, Federer is sporting a stunning Wimbledon Dialed Datejust Rolex.

roger federer and rolex
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Federer Quietly Serves Up a Life-Changing Surprise in Italy

You might assume that a billionaire athlete and world-renowned champion tennis player would be too busy and important for two little girls in the Liguria Region of Italy, but what you’re about to read will prove that entirely wrong. If you’re the sentimental type, you might want to grab some tissues.

Early on in quarantine, while Italy was under strict lockdown two young Italian girls Vittoria (13) and Carola (11), tried to find a way to play some socially distanced tennis. Each staying on their own respective rooftops, they served up an adorable and epic tennis match that ended up taking the internet by storm and going viral. 

This viral video caught the eye of Roger Federer (along with 10 million others), which prompted him to take a special trip to the Liguria Region of Italy to surprise the two girls. The two Italian natives thought they were just doing a regular interview when all of a sudden, Roger showed up on their rooftop. You can tell by the absolutely stunned look on the young girl’s face that she instantly recognized the voice of the tennis legend standing behind her!

roger federer and rolex

“I’m going to faint!” Vittoria said excitedly and then followed up with, “Grandma! Federer is on our roof!” After the initial shock and excitement, Roger Federer is seen saying, “Shall we have some fun?” and an epic and heart-warming tennis match commenced between him and the two girls.

roger federer and rolex
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Throughout the entire feel-good exchange, Roger Federer can be seen wearing what looks to be a Rolex Datejust 41 mm with blue dial, while he plays a bit of tennis with the ecstatic girls and treats them to a post-rally pasta dinner. 

roger federer and rolex
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After the yummy dinner sponsored by Barilla, Roger Federer serves up yet another surprise. In the video below, you can see Roger offer the girls an exclusive paid membership to the Rafa Nadal Academy summer tennis camp. 

This may seem like a small gift, but according to Reuters, tuition to this tennis school costs approximately $62,000 per person for the year! Talk about a truly life-changing opportunity! When these girls become the next Serena and Venus Williams you can say you saw it here first.

Watch the full heartwarming video below.  I’m not crying, you’re crying.

So, there you have it. A truly heart-warming story that restores your faith in humanity and leaves you feeling better about the state of the world. While this story is not entirely about watches per se, it is about love, passion, and giving back. A little-known fact about Rolex is that it is actually a charity, and Roger Federer himself is also involved in many charitable efforts. At Everest, we also love giving back, as well as helping our customers enjoy their passions--watches, watch straps, and watch accessories. We want you to love your Rolex, Panerai, or Tudor watches now and for many years to come. Pair your watch with an Everest Band, and that’s a perfect match.

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