I Bought a Rolex Without a Bracelet, Now What?

I Bought a Rolex Without a Bracelet, Now What?

Purchasing a Rolex these days is tough, especially with how expensive and hard to come by they have become. You may be tempted to purchase one that no longer has the original Rolex bracelet because of the lower price or the rarity of the watch model. Or, maybe the watch is a family heirloom that has been passed down to you and somehow along the way the bracelet was lost or broken.

rolex watch case without a bracelet next to some watch tools and

Whatever the reason is, having a Rolex without the original bracelet is a more common problem than you may think. You may be wondering: Can you buy a new bracelet from Rolex? The answer there is quite complicated, immensely time consuming, and very expensive if even possible. Luckily, Everest has the best and easiest answer to this problem. We provide amazing quality strap alternatives to the original bracelet that your watch comes on. They are custom-fit, surpass the quality expected from Rolex owners, and keep the essence of your watch in tact.

two rolex watches next to each other one watch on a nato strap and one watch with a rubber strap

Everest makes custom-fit straps for certain Rolex, Tudor and Panerai watches. We also have universal strap options that fit any watch with a 20mm or 22mm lug width, so no worries if you own a different watch than the ones listed. The first step in deciding if this is a solution to your watch with no bracelet problem, is to browse our website to see if we offer a strap for your specific watch model, click HERE to do so.

rolex oyster perpetual watch with white dial on a gray rubber strap

Everest pro tip: it is helpful to have the reference number of your watch model to navigate our options! You can find this engraved on the inside of your watch’s case on the 12 o’clock side, in the original papers that came with the watch, or by doing a quick google search. If you are still unsure if we have a strap that will fit your watch, please feel free to email our customer service a picture of your watch at info@everestbands.com and we can assist you!

rolex explorer on rubber black watch strap

Once you find your specific watch model or decipher if our universal strap options will fit your watch, you will then look through the high quality options available depending on your watch model. Everest makes vulcanized rubber, leather and nylon watch straps that are all made out of the highest quality of materials. Not only do we provide high quality straps, but each and every one of our straps also comes with a set of spring bars that will work specifically with your watch model, so this is one less thing you have to worry about if you have a Rolex without the original bracelet! 

rolex blnr gmt watch on a perforated leather strap

Our rubber straps are made out of vulcanized rubber, come in many different color options and are offered in two different types- tang buckle and deployant. These straps are very popular with our customers because they give a new look to your watch and are extremely comfortable.

leather strap on a rolex watch on a mans wrist

Our leather watch straps are made out of Italian Nappa leather and also come in tang buckle and deployant options depending on your watch model. They come in various color options and help to give your watch a classier and dressier vibe. Finally, our nylon straps are made out of  high-quality interwoven textile material with hypoallergenic lining. These also come in various color options and give your watch a sportier and more casual look. These straps only come in a tang buckle option. You will also see our universal Nato straps, which are made out of our high quality nylon material.

two rolex watches on green rubber strap and orange rubber strap inside a watch roll

After assessing the options that are available for your specific watch model, you will then need to choose which one suits you best. If you cannot decide on just one, we recommend getting several and changing them out using our very helpful tool kits, so that you always have options! While you’re at it, take a look at our watch accessories to keep your watch safe and scratch free, shop our watch pouches HERE and our watch rolls HERE. wooden watch box cream colored with luxury watches inside

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