How to Buy a Rolex at Retail

How to Buy a Rolex at MSRP

Even before Rolex released their new watches in 2020, the disparaging memes were flowing. Jokes about how it’s literally impossible to get a Rolex at MSRP, and tongue and cheek commentary about how you never actually pass down a Rolex to your children, you simply allow them to take over your spot on the waiting list. 

The thing is though, that it IS possible to get a new Rolex as MSRP. Now, as with all good things, this does require some effort and pre-planning on your part. You may be laughing or shaking your head now, but please hear us out. This method has been tried and true. 

Just last week we bought the brand new Submariner (Ref. 126610) at retail. How does one do this you ask? Simple, build a relationship with a Rolex jeweler and maintain that relationship, even when you aren’t in the market for a new Rolex. No one likes a person who only shows up when they need something, and Rolex ADs are no exception to this rule. 

how to buy a rolex at msrp

To be honest, it’s super unlikely that you’ll walk right into a random Rolex AD for the very first time, and buy the brand new watch at MSRP. This is much like expecting someone to marry you on the spot after just meeting you. Similarly, no one respects the person who only makes booty calls at 2am, but doesn’t ask about your day. Getting the goods takes effort, and it’s all about building a mutually respectful relationship. This is not a hard concept, yet it is not executed often enough.

A Rolex AD’s real business is jewelry. Jewelry is what makes their world go round, what pays the salaries of the employees, and frankly what keeps the doors open. You can’t just be focused on watches, you have to also help support the jewelry side of things. This goes a long way in not only building a relationship with a Rolex AD, but also in the most important part which is maintaining and nurturing that relationship. 

Some ways you can maintain a good relationship with a Rolex AD: 

  • Get your other watches repaired or serviced at their location.
  • Have them install your Everest Band if you don’t want to do it yourself.
  • Buy things (even if small) for your significant other throughout the year such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watch boxes, etc.
  • Buy other, more commonly available watches from them periodically.
  • Pay them to clean your jewelry or that of your significant other.
  • Pay them to repair any broken jewelry you might have.
  • Help them by tagging them in your social media when you post pics of your jewelry.
  • Give them referrals by sending your friends their way.
how to buy a rolex at msrp

Image Source @the_watchdelorian

If you have a mutually respectful relationship with an AD, when the time comes for a new Rolex (or Patek or AP), ask for them to save one for you when they get restocked. It’s much more likely that they will save a watch for a customer who has given them regular business (even if small) than some random guy off the street--no matter how much cash he has on him.

I know you are thinking I am full of it, but you would be wrong. I have built a mutually beneficial relationship with a Rolex Authorized dealer where I support their business and once in a while they get me a Rolex at MSRP. That is it. No special tricks. By the way, if you don’t do this, then you are not going to get a call ever. #boughtitretail is a real thing.

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