Freshen Up your Tudor for the Summer

Freshen Up your Tudor for the Summer

Summer weather is in full swing. It’s time to freshen up your Tudor watch for the summer. How? Well, first things first, let’s give that Swiss-Made baby a good cleaning. Read how to thoroughly clean your watch hereOnce your Tudor is sparkly clean, remove the Tudor watch bracelet to preserve it. And, take a look at what you’ve been up to this summer and how you want to customize your Tudor. So, it’s time to decide: an Everest rubber watch band or an Everest leather watch band for your Tudor watch. 

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What are you up to this summer? With COVID-19 still causing closures and a new way of life this summer, many are hitting the more natural activities whether it’s hiking or canoeing in rivers. We see more and more people out walking and finding creative ways to stay active. The Swiss-made Everest rubber watch band is the perfect solution to lighten your wrist after removing your Tudor bracelet. 

The Swiss-Made Everest rubber watch band features a unique channeling system that reinforces the nine tongue holes, but it also provides air movement under the wrist during the warm summer season. The Everest rubber watch band for Tudor is incredibly comfortable, easy to clean and resistant to UV rays, excessive heat and cold, stretching, tearing, dirt and dust, abrasion, chemicals, and staining. The Everest watch band for Tudor is incredibly soft and miraculously durable - perfect for any summer activity. The Everest rubber watch band is offered in black, blue and orange.

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If you’re avoiding the heat waves and working from home or headed back into work, dressing up your Tudor watch with a Swiss-Made leather watch band. The leather is Italian vegetable tanned. We talk about the tanning process hereThe color options were chosen to perfectly compliment the Tudor watches. The color options include: black leather with matching stitching, black leather with white stitching, chocolate brown leather, chestnut brown leather, and tan leather. Leather is perfect to rock at home desk jobs. We talked about rocking the quarantine look here. Or, if you are back at work, you can show off the perfect fit of the curved end leather watch band.

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Everest offers rubber and leather watch bands for the Tudor Black Bay Chronograph, the Tudor Black Bay 41, the Tudor Black Bay GMT, the Tudor Black Bay Steel, the Tudor Black Bay Steel and Gold, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay and the Tudor Heritage Chronograph. The Everest rubber and leather watch bands are offered with a 316L stainless steel buckle and a hardened gold PVD coated buckle. Additionally, Everest is about to release a DLC coated black buckle as well - perfect for the Tudor Black Bay Dark. So, find the perfect Everest watch band for your Tudor watch here.

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Whether you choose the Swiss-Made Everest leather or rubber watch band, we’ve got you covered. Have fun with combining different styles to really make your Tudor watch shine. Accessorizing is for every season. Stay tuned for more seasonal inspiration this summer.

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