Federer Wins Wimbledon wearing his Rolex Daytona

Federer Wins Wimbledon wearing his Rolex Daytona


Roger Federer has won his 7th Wimbledon Championship on July 8th, 2012 while wearing his gorgeous Rolex Daytona from his birth year, 1981. His Rolex Daytona was actually given to him by Rolex, as he is a sponsor for Rolex. Rolex has a strong history in many sports, but we know that Rolex’s heart is definitely in love with tennis.

What impresses the world is that it is Roger Federer’s 7th time winning Wimbledon, successfully putting him at the top of tennis history. Federer has actually appeared in 24 Grand Slam Tournaments, again making him one of the greats of tennis and showing that Rolex is backing one of the most diligent athletes of our time.

Federer Rolex

He beat out Andrew Murray, ranked 4th in the world. Roger, is a Swiss national and is married to a gorgeous woman and incredible tennis player, Mirka Vavrinec. They actually met while competing for positions on the Swiss Tennis team for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Federer also was given a gorgeous Rolex President, and we, at Everest Horology Products, believe he also was given the Rolex Spacedweller which has yet to be released. Recently, an interview with Federer and Rolex showed his great interest in Rolex and his unique love for the famous Swiss watch brand, Rolex. We at Everest believe Roger Federer to be the epitome of an Everest Man and hope to see one day an Everest band on his gorgeous collection of Rolexes. We solute you Roger and your Rolex Daytona!

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