Check Out the Newest James Bond Film, Spectre, because it features the Omega Watch

Check Out the Newest James Bond Film, Spectre, because it features the Omega Watch

James Bond has always been known for his style. Every James Bond has sported a tuxedo at some point. The majority have worn a tux for the majority of the movie. The new James Bond movie Spectre is continuing this tradition of style. In fact, this movie is taking it to a new high. The James Bond movie Spectre features James Bond’s Omega Watch.

It is not new for entertainment programs like TV shows and movies to feature products. It is actually part of how movies make money. Companies are more than willing to pay for their products to be placed in a movie. It provides them with great exposure, and look how amazing the Omega looks in this trailer. 

Spectre is taking this to a new level. The Omega Watch was created for the movie. The goal was to feature the watch in the movie to drive sales of this new product. It is a twist on the standard of featuring existing products. This watch is not new to the James Bond movie franchise. James Bond has been wearing it since Goldeneye. But, it is the first time that it is available for purchase. 

This is not the first piece of merchandise spawned by the James Bond movie franchise. Several commemorative timepieces were created after previous movies. These featured engravings that linked them to James Bond. But, the OMEGA watch has a distinct difference. This is the first watch that matches the worn in the film exactly.

Omega Watch

The OMEGA Seamaster 300 “Spectre” is loaded with features including:

  • It has a bi-directional, rotating diving bezel. This is made from polished, black ceramic.
  • The bezel is able to rotate in two directions. This is based on the watch’s naval roots.
  • It has a 12 hour scale. This allows the watch to keep time no matter what country you are in.
  • The watchband is has five, black and grey stripes.
  • It is powered by an exceptional quality, Omega Master Co-Axial 8400 movement.
  • “007” is represented on the strap holder with a gun logo.
  • The Spectre logo is engraved on the back.

These features create a watch that is more than a timepiece. Depending on your point-of-view, this is either a collector’s item or a pure work of art. 

The OMEGA Seamaster 300 “Spectre” also has some characteristics that are directly linked to the James Bond movie. The watch comes with a unique serial number. There are only a limited number made. There will be 7,007. Even the number manufactured shows its links to the James Bond Spectre movie.

James Bond 007

Owning one of these watches will certainly put you in a very small group worldwide. Imagine walking around looking like James Bond. You might even get an overwhelming urge to go out and buy a tux. But, just don’t try to start hunting bad guys. Before you can feel like James Bond, you need to shell out some cash. This limited edition watch will retail for $7500. A price that is reminiscent of the decadence that is James Bond.

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