Red Bar Vegas – Who Knew?

So I’m wandering around the JCK trade show (Jewelers Circular Keystone – no, don’t ask where the name came from) in the Mandalay Bay convention center at the south end of the Vegas strip. The place is huge – H-U-U-U-G-E – and I’m basically lost.

And I come on this sign.


Well, THAT’s different! Now, I know Adam Craniotes electronically. We wrote together for Gear Patrol a few years ago – taking turns stealing assignments from each other. Watch geek / IWC fan boy aside, the guy’s a helluva writer. But I’d never met him in person. Never even talked on the phone.

But here was a chance to meet him and likely a bunch of other Red Bar types.

There was Kevin Mantell and his henchman, Paul Erhardt, of DKSH.

And I inadvertently outed LivingTheAnchorLife of RedBar-Atlanta on social media (I forget his name – honest).

IMG_5602 Barbara Palumbo of fame stopped by. (Read her stuff. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. Read her stuff.)

Barbara Palumbo. What's on HER wrist? I forgot to look. Barbara Palumbo. What's on HER wrist? I forgot to look.

IMG_5608 By now you probably know of the Red Bar phenomenon. It’s all over the place. Most major cities in the US have a “chapter” (term used loosely), and it’s spreading to Europe too. We’ve talked about it before on Everest Journal / Bezel & Barrel. And it’s grown a bunch since that post a year ago.

Even to the point of a guy getting lost at a jewelry trade show in Vegas and bumping into a group of friendly watch nerds.

(Please excuse the dicey image quality from my iPhone.)


-Ed Estlow

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