Over 4 Days, $53 Million Of Watches Were Sold At The Geneva Auctions

About a month ago the Geneva watch auctions finished up and boy were they pricey. After all was said and done four auctions happened and 53 million dollars was spent. Not too bad for four days. The four auctions that happened were the Phillips, Christies, Sotheby’s and Antiquorum auctions, so let’s recap some of the major watches sold for a pretty penny.

The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: Two was the biggest auction of the week totaling $28.7 million in sales including a couple Rolexes that surpassed the million dollar point. A Rolex 6062 “Stelline” triple calendar and moonphase watch that was adorned in pink gold and had a star-dial sold for $1,265,000. A Rolex 6102 “La Caravelle” was also sold for $1,235,000 and that sported a cloisonné dial. One of the coolest watched sold at the Phillips auction was a James Bond Rolex Submariner that was actually worn by Sir Roger Moore in ‘Live and Let Die.’ It was estimated to sell only for around $150,000 – $250,000, but it roped in a nice $365,000 price tag.


Moving on to the Christie’s Geneva Important Watches auction, and there were some amazing pieces sold here too. In total $13.25 million of watches were sold, and Daytona Chronographs were the most sought after in this auction. A Daytona 6265 Paul Newman “Panda Mystery Cross” was sold for $268,357. This watch is an amazing timepiece and was made back in 1971. The mystery cross is shown on the back with a swiss cross with rope around it, but people have no clue the meaning behind it. This watch also oversold it’s estimate which as around $130,000 – $230,000.

Rolexes weren’t the main seller at the Sotheby’s auction but they still had a few show up. My favorite that was sold was a Rolex 2508, which was produced in 1947. It has a rare yellow gold chronograph, and was estimated to sell around $12,000 but that price got busted and sold for $62,348. A few Daytona Paul Newman's were sold at the auction as well bringing in around $100,000.

The total sales at the last auction, the Antiquorum’s Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces auction, totaled $6.11 million. A less fancy Rolex 6062 “Stelline” triple calendar with moonphase indicator was also sold at this auction but with a lower price of $315,750. A few other notable Paul Newman's were sold at this auction as well for around $150,000.

It’s hard to imagine that 4 days went by and 53 million dollars of watches were exchanged but that’s exactly why buying a Rolex is a huge investment. These watches have proven to stand the test of time, as well as be better than even the stock market sometimes.

Auction season isn’t over yet though. The New York equivalent auctions will be help this coming month in December.


- Josh Benson

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