Comparison of One of the Most Favored Rolex Watches ever Worn 116610 > 16610

The (ref)16610  Submariner Date was sadly discontinued in 2010 giving way to the new (ref)116610 model Submariner Date, which is now commonly refered to as the ceramic bezel Submariner.  The new Rolex Submariner incorporates the new ceramic bezel, extremely scratch resistant – Rolex does not claim to be completely scratch proof , which unfortunately cannot be said for its predecessor the 16610 aluminum bezel. I did notice almost immediately the difference of the new glidelock clasp being a great deal easier to make a quick size adjustment without having to break fingernails or micro screw drivers. It will save you from having to make a trip to your jeweler as well - its just that easy and...


A History of the Military Dive Watch, Part 2

Monday we began tracking the evolution of the dive watch over the last century. We began with some background information, saw the development of the Oyster case by Rolex, and stopped for the night with the Panerai Radiomir. During World War II, the Italian special forces put these watches to good use against Great Britain riding the now infamous SLCs, or slow running torpedos (which you see in Panerai’s current marketing). Churchill’s response was to develop a “human torpedo” of his own, and correspondingly, a watch capable of being word by the men who guided them. It turns out it was a good thing that Britain was known for its world explorers. The timepieces used by those intrepid men ...


The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup: Smooth Sailing For This Year’s Champs

If you feel the least bit confident calling yourself a sailing buff, then you probably followed The Maxis – the competition of international sailing. Last week, 39 yachts battled it out for the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in Port Cervo, Sardinia. An elite group of Maxi gurus (owners and designers – spearheads of their contemporaries) had the goal of first across the line in eight different classes: Supermaxi, Maxi RC, Maxi R, Mini Maxi SOT, Mini Maxi R, Wally, Line Honours, and of course, the Rolex Maxi 72. The event is graciously hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smerelda (YCCS) and the International Maxi Association (IMA). Acclaimed for its resort appeal and professionalism, it’s no wonder saili...


Birth Year Watch

Ok, I’m gonna come clean. Some of you know and some of you don’t. But I’m a geezer. I’ll just put that out there and you can do your own arithmetic and such while I talk about a birth year watch (yes, MY birth year) that’s coming up for sale a week from Saturday (May 14th, to be exact) at Sotheby’s Important Watches auction in Geneva. I’ve talked before about the fact that the word ‘important,’ when used in conjunction with watches and watch auctions, is code for ‘expensive,’ and this time is no different. See, there’s a Rolex ref. 6036 Dato-Compax Jean-Claude Killy chronograph – in yellow gold, no less – going on the block as Lot 104. The thing was spawned in 1955, and it’s bleeping bea...


Mondani Web - A Network Of Independent Rolex Resellers

You’ve seen their books. You may even have a few on your book shelf if you’re a Rolex/ Patek/ Tudor / Panerai – or even an Omega Speedmaster nerd. And make no mistake, Mondani Editore and the father-daughter duo of Guido and Giorgia Mondani, with spousal help from Franca Mondani and Daniele Di Murro, respectively, will keep publishing their large scale reference books. But they’ve also begun a new project: Mondani Web. But before we get into that, let’s back up. Guido Mondani, the family patriarch and a long-time book editor, is also a long-time Rolex collector. He began his collection in 1986. Along the way, he noticed a lack of reference information about his favorite subject – Rolex w...


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